Rubbing Soles

Allow me to share a little about the man you see above.

He's handsome.
I've been mesmerized by his hands since I was a little girl.
Strong. Proportioned. Neat.
Those hands would put socks on my feet in the coolest way.
{rubbing soles}
He is intensely intelligent.
Clear in the details of so many subjects.
With ideas and ways of problem solving.
He is thoughtful.
Always seeking ways to serve others.
He spreads goodness.
With his deeds be them big or small.
A hard worker.
Relentless in his ethics and commitment to a job well done.
This man loves laughing.
He'll get giddy over the smallest of funnies.
Hard pressed to gain back composure.
He listens.
Be it topics that stretch deep or matters minute to most.
He makes it a point that you are heard.
An underlying temper from time to time.
Explosive out of no where.
Immediately regretful in the aftermath.
A seeker of hope.
A looker up.
Not a looker down.
Apprehensive to let loose.
So overjoyed and filled when he does.
The Pa to my boys.
Meet my dad.


We share a passion for them.
Like Legos stacked,
Broken apart,
And re-assembled again,

We stack for hours.
So for Christmas I gave him this book as a gift. Its contents saturated with the wonderment of words; the heartbeat of their place in any one's life.

Words elaborate.
Words simple.
Words incorrect.
Words perceived and felt.
Like fossils on your heart.
Stack them.

My words have been vacant from these premises for quite some time.
But, oh have I been stacking.
With a newly configured website 80% complete,
Legos click-snapping together.

It's the idea of hope, you see.
The hope I find in creating a space that celebrates creativity.
A place organized and inspiring.
A spot to make k.Mac the reality that is written in my journal of dreams.

Hope is hard to find.
It's even harder to keep.
In and out of days, over weeks, and through years.

But thanks to my dad, hopekeeping is what I do.
His hands would put socks on my feet in the coolest way.
{rubbing soles}

{rubbing souls}

We stack for hours.

Thanks, Dad.

.mac :)