Extend is a useful word.
It is appropriate in so many facets of my life.

This past Saturday Kim, her teaching buddy Rebekah, Kenny & myself ran in the Scenic City 5K.

From the pictures you can clearly see my dream outfit was no where near my start or finish line. Neither was make-up for that matter.

But being cute isn't what it's always about.
{I shutter as I just re-read my last sentence.}

Extending, however, is.

Extending the love for someone new in your family.
Extending the experiences you have together.

And Saturday's 5K did just that and more for me.

Extending, to me, is stretching myself further than I thought I could go.
It's grabbing onto what I know and moving faster and more fluid in my pace.
As my legs rhythmically propelled this 5K's course, extending was all I could think about.

Move forward.
Stretch further.
Reach out.
Exceed your limits.

And as my body put this notion in motion, my mind extended on anything but the pitter-patter of my size eights.

I thought of the freedom I have been extended with a healthy body and mind.
And I thought of the friends I ache for struggling for their very life.
I thought of the blessing God has extended me with 2 happy, bright boys to build into men.
And I thought of the sweet friends I know that ache for this very blessing in their own lives.
I thought of the talent I have been extended through the gifts of creating and teaching.
And I thought of those near and dear to me still searching for their strengths.
I thought of the hope that has been extended to me through a father's model.
And I thought of fatherless little ones out there still aching to call out to a daddy.
I thought of the tenacious spirit that has extended through my mom's body and into mine.
And I thought of the moms who never even gave themselves the chance to be called mama.

Move forward.
Stretch further
Reach out.
Exceed your limits.

Saturday's run was God's pep talk to me. As my feet and legs extended over and again, God's message did just that too.

Extend, Meghan.

Move forward.
Stretch further.
Reach out.
Exceed your limits.

  • Move forward with Me. You are Mine. An extension of Me.
  • Stretch further as My child. Let go of doubt; grab hold of my design for your life.
  • Reach out to those who need Me. Smile. Serve. Soul Search.
  • Exceed your limits as My limits for you do not exist. You can do all things through me for I strengthen you.

And my heart leapt at every extension of His words.
At His blessings in my life.
In my prayers for those who ache and hurt that healing, hope & health may come.
Through His call for me to extend.

Nail punctured hands extended on a wooden cross for me.

I will extend past myself and rest in His will for my life.
Move forward.
Stretch further.
Reach out.
Exceed your limits.

This guy above is doing just that.
I see God's hand in His life from the front row seats.
Wonder just who saved those seats for me?

Crossing the finish line was only the start of my next race.

Who knew God was a runner?