It was this moment that I realized I was took.
Had by the Master's design.
Robbed of the joy of one love.
Replaced by the heapfuls of heart for two.

He has stolen my heart forever.
His breath so sweet still to this day.
His name so overused with reprimands.

My Casey face.


A manipulator of magical proportions.

To be held still.
To snuggle more.
To find his way in between his daddy & me in the stillness of night.

Left handed.
Whole hearted.
Full of it.

My Casey face.

Three just can't be.
But it is for you today.

So today, I will smell your sweet breathe.
I will read to you all your favorite books.
And I will kiss you cheeks way more than I should.

Because three becomes thirty far sooner than I care to be reminded.

The verdict is out and you are guilty.

Just promise me you will never give it back.

Happy Birthday,