Dearest May

Dear May,

I am writing to let you know that I have received your letter and understand your frustration and overall feelings of neglect.

Yes, it is difficult holding down the the month 5 spot. You could not have stated it any better when you offered up this disgruntled sentiment:

"I am but a mere gateway to the summer. A transitional existence of increasingly warmer weather, lackadaisical school academics, and cheaper beach rates."

I understand and clearly see your point of view.

It is true. People do tend to sell your month short. In some cases, there are several humans that pack up their bunnies, chicks, and colored eggs only to put up decorations that provide a mere smack-in-your-face. Clearly misrepresenting you and prematurely ringing in the summer months. Yes, let's go ahead and speak their names: June and July. Without naming any names and with NO disrespect to you, I provide you with examples that only further strengthen your argument

After viewing such graphic visuals, I can see where your disgust derives. It is obvious that this family has honored you with nothing. The merest representation of May being a frivolous pinwheel in and amongst the sand toys, shovels and buckets, sunglasses, water guns, and water bomb balls. Let's not forget the lays; truly a twist of the month-to-month knife.
But May, you are important. You hold several holidays to which many are grateful. Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, countless high school and college graduations fall with in your calendar term. Perhaps it's best that you shift your focus towards these positives in which no June or July can contend.
Let's take May Day, ironically today, for example. There is no other month that celebrates its first day. Now, I know and can already hear the proverbial grumblings under your breath. Hardly anyone even recognizes this day for you.
But stop right there. The same cold-hearted family that blastfully decorates their home in YOUR month with the beach garb that your eyes have witnessed above, does, in fact, take time out of their day on May 1st to honor you, #5. Note the evidence below:
One year ago today, this family celebrated May Day with canvas painting outside in YOUR warm sunshine climate. Each boy was given free reign of colors and painting techniques in which to honor YOU.
The youngest son a mere 15 1/2 months, gravitated towards orange as his central theme and then went-to-town, if I may use such colloquial terminology, honoring you with splashes of vibrancy and joy. His mother bear solidified your significance to him on that day with one stubby footprint white.
Then the eldest son selected a base palette of green producing whirlwinds of colors with brushstrokes precise yet sohpiscticatedly pre-determined it seems for a newly turned 3 year old. His maternal guide allowed the canvas to dry only to signify your day forever in this little boy's walk with his footprint as well.
The hands of doom and disrespect hanging such hurtful symbols as you were forced to view previous are, in fact, the same hands that drew and hand painted the names of these canvases for YOU---on May 1, 2008.

The children blissfully selected the "doo-dads" to accompany their name and further be symbolic of their personalities.
On the back of this coupled pairing is each child's name AND DATE to forever hold a memory of their time with YOU.
Now, please month of May. Please do not turn from this letter in hatred or choose the pessimistic pathway of life.
Many times you are underestimated.
But for the many bowls of chips and salsa, the margaritas slurped, the ridiculous coffee cups that read "I heart my mom" and bundles of crinkled and poorly dyed carnations given, the cheap caps and gowns purchased at drastically inflated prices, the camping trips, and lake outings planned, and yes, the small crafts and tiny memories performed on your very first day, I beg of you...take note of your significance.
Hold it there.
Squeeze it tightly.
Feel proud of your place in among the 12.
Oh yes. One more thing...
"Hey May, do you have your sunglasses on?"
You might need them for this:

And be thankful with who and where you are!
It could be worse...
You could be January.
With deepest regards,
President of the Month Complaint Association