I know, I know!

It's obvious by this previous rambling that I have an obsession.

It is nothing short of bitter sweet.


Ahhh, just the way that word rolls off my tongue brings me such joy.

This establishment is, without a doubt, the couture of grocery getting.

It's prices ARE higher.

To all you grocery gamers out there, I hear you loud and clear:

"You could shop here and save if you played our game!"

And I will, sweets.

Just as soon as I receive a hands-on tutorial session with one of my best gal pals.

You see, I am a visual learner.
I gotta see it and touch it and then do it.


No, TAG (talented and gifted) classes for me in my younger years.

I was the mousy dishwater blond with the homemade hair bows sitting at her desk totally confused as to why Mrs. Schramm thought I needed to have a slant to my cursive writing when clearly my strokes were perfect.

She kept coming by and turning my paper the opposite way I naturally desired for it to go.

Did she not understand the woes of a left hander?

So I wrote cursive with NO slant and obviously a wee bit thick headed when it came to conceptual learning.

But Grocery Game or not, TAG or not, I GET that...

Publix rocks!

And their bakery is my favorite.

These yummies came home with me Friday afternoon. A half pound of sweet succulent salvation to my taste buds.

They're gone.

Poor guys.

Didn't even make it a full weekend.

Poor guys.

They didn't even get one.

Poor guy.

He only got one.


I ate the rest.

I miss you, my sweet crunchy, creamy friends all rolled up and dipped.

Until we meet again,
.mac :)