Blessings and Burdens

Laundry piles,
Days on end,
All chummed up and wrinkled on the bedroom chair,
Coming in last on my list as I pass by and cast them evil glares.

Boys closets cleaned,
Tubs stacked high in our corridor,
What goes to Goodwill?
Oh yeah, that bit fat pile over there on the floor.

Easter decor down,
Summer decor up,
Where did I leave my coffee?
Oh well, I'll just get another cup.

Time out for you.
Tell him your sorry; we don't hit.
If I see that ONE MORE TIME...
I am going to light a fire on the part of which you sit!

Dishwashers clean...
Moms, you know what I mean.

Dust like wooly blankets on tables and chests,
Are we out of furniture polish?
Naw, I just have decided to take a rest.

Sewing til 2,
Sleep, oh I how I miss!
6:45 comes early,
I cave and turn on my PBS bliss.

Finish your bites,
Monograms and making dinner,
I got a new bag design on the burner,
Maybe we should just go to Mrs. Winner's!

Sunday School lessons,
A book I would LOVE to finish,
Blogs to read,
Laundry piles to diminish.

Orders to mail out,
Trains to play,
Flowers that need my tendin',
Oh, what a day.

Did I pay that bill on time?
Did I do that when I said I would?
Are you kidding? We're out of milk already?
3 gallons, NOT 2...I knew I should!

Post office trips,
Taking bag pics,
Emailing back clients,
An assistant is what I wish!

The juggling,
The snugglin',
The round-the-clock day,
It's what you get and what you love,
My boys, my life, k.Mac , Kenny: they are all worth my every today!

Now, where did I put my coffee?

.mac :)