Who's the lucky lady?

Luck be with you ladies!

Before we get down to business here, I want to take this time to tell you I am feeling very generous. What started out as a free handbag giveaway this week has turned into chaos crazy givin'. I say it's all good. Let's start off this month with a BANG!

Lots to tell, lots to share, lots to give out.

Pretending was one of my all time favorites to do when I was a little lovie. I mean, I pretended well into my early teen years. To answer your question, yes, the Barbie dolls were still in effect until middle of my eighth grade year.
I loved the opportunity to create story lines, dance routines, outfit ensembles. You name it, I wanted to create it.

Creativity is, by far, something I can't live without. I crave it. Long for it. Gotta have it.

Upon staying home from teaching to be at home with my children, this business kind of stumbled itself into a reality. This lane change in my life was based on my need to create, a gift of a sewing machine from my dad and step mom, practice, and the final tossing around of ideas with Kristi to make k.Mac a reality.

And man, we are hoppin'.

Hopping with ideas. Hopping with creativity. Hopping with joy that my bones are doing just what they love to do.

I take the time here to say that this creativity is nothing short than a gift from God. His plan is always right on time. I thank Him multiple times a day for the wonderment he lays before me again and again.

And with that being said, these new designs just kinda POP into my head. I scribble them down on paper, time passes, the need to create is an itch I can't NOT scratch so BAM...another k.Mac design!

Readers: So are we reading an autobiography here, or are we going to get to find out who won? Geez, Meg. Come on, already.
Me: Hold your horses, girls. Remember, setting the stage, thickening the plot, these are all vital to your .mac. Goodies are coming, I promise!!!

So for this new design I am giving away, I want to give a little background as to how it shaped in my head.

I have 2 near and dear friends. They are wonderful friends, might I add. These girls are the kind that will tell you straight up, "Get back in that house. You are not going anywhere with that on."

Yeah, these girls would even tell me when my back fat is showing through my my shirt from my bra line. They're that good.

One has a need for cell phone and keys to be readily accessible in a moment's notice. I mean she DOES NOT WANT to have to fiddle and sort to find them.

The other loves a monochromatic look. Kenny thinks that word is funny. Monochromatic. He laughs every time I say it. Sidebar...oops.

So with this info tucked away over time, I have finally come up with a new design and March Madness special that will probably have these 2 girls hap-hap-happy indeed.

Well my, my. Lookie, here. I think there is somebody who want to meetcha.

Go on now, you too. Don't be shy.

Ladies, meet k.Mac's Glass Slipper:

Beyond Bliss fabric collection

Ready or Not fabric collection

I took our Tic Tac Tote, shortened it, lengthened it and added some bells and whistles. A spin off of a very classic style...

A back pocket with pieced fabric and magnetic snap closure.

A precise place for cell phone and keys...


The Glass Slipper has a grommeted design. And what better to weave through those grommets, then dupioni silk! MMMMMMMM,MMMMMM. Good.

I love mixing textures to provide depth. The fabrics in these 2 bags are decorator fabric so they have a heavier feel and grainier look. The dupioni silk has an uneven surface texture as well. Yet its shine? So fine.

Taking a classic style that works. Adding premium features such as streamline fabric piecing, grommets, and a dupioni silk sash is how the name Glass Slipper was born.

Cinderella, herself, was a classic. A timeless beauty. Through true love and a dang good wardrobe upgrade if you ask me is how the glass slipper really fit.

Okay, rewind.

Let's talk this picture over, okay?
This bag is a great in that you have a variety of places in which to monogram. These locations are different, unique if you will.
First up, you can monogram on the green center bottom region underneath the bow. Sweet and classy.
Secondly, you could place your monogram on a bottom corner to which transitons the monogram into an accent piece as a opposed to a staple focal point to the bag. I like it even more.
And lastly, which is by far my favorite, you can monogram the bottom of your bow on one side. Ahhhhhhhhh, perfect. Dainty. Sweet. Personal. Flirty. Different.

To set yourself apart and to celebrate just who you are and what you enjoy. That's the goal of k.Mac.

Finally, this bag comes complete with 2 pieced pockets and magnetic snap closure.


So the winner gets to pick her choice of Glass Slipper: Beyond Bliss or Ready or Not.

She also has the opportunity to have her sash mongrammed should she prefer.
AND, she might just want to see what is hiding like an Easter egg waiting to match her new k.Mac Glass Slipper...

Now, girls. I couldn't resist the opportunity to complete the set, now could I?

Beyond Bliss

Ready Or Not

Oh, the choices!

Now off to satsify my monochromatic friend...

We all wear a lot of black. It' slimming. Grounding. Lint collecting. Oh, sorry. Not fact finding here, just k.Mac promoting. Scratch that last one. Meet k.Mac's Perfect Pair of Peep Toes fabric collection. This collection was named after my very own perfect pair of black patent leather peeps. My feet feel sexy in those shoes, I can't lie. My right left ring toe cramps from time to time, but hey. All in the name of beauty.

But it needs a POP of color as my dear gal would say. Well, I think I have just the thing up my sleeve for you all this month:

one monogram purchase.
one bag purchase.

AND what do you get?

4 different colored dupioni silk sashes complete with monograms to make your Glass Slipper as verastile as you need her to be.

Just trade'em out to match your mood, outfit, or for a mom of boys...sporting event.

This offer is good through the entire month. I have yet another dear friend who can't stand to wear the same thing twice. Perhaps I should dedicate this special to her as well.

That's got it ladies.

Now time for the winners. Yep, WINNERS. Plural. I figure with all the good I got going here in the studio and with as much time and effort you have put into reading this LONG post, we need of group of champions.

There are 2 winners of a free monogram with their purchase of a k.Mac bag:
Cecilia and Ashley W. Nelson.
(free monogram coupon only good through 3.31.09)
(coupon ecxludes March Madness Special)

3 winners of a 20% off coupon to be used by THE END of this month are:
Chronicles of a Mommy, Obstarczyks Family Happenings, and Lions, and Tigers, and Boys, Oh My! This last girl is lucky! She won the free burp just last week! YES, you can enter again even after you have won!
(coupon excludes March Madness Special)

And FINALLY, the winner of her choice of Glass Slipper, an opportunity to complete the set with a Pretty Ditty wallet and monogrammed silk sash is Lilytate!

Congratulations all SIX winners!!!

Do let me know your thoughts on k.Mac's Glass Slipper. Remember one Glass Slipper will remain for any Cinderella once Lilytate makes her selection! I'm sure it will be a perfect fit. Email me at meghan@kmaccreations.com for inquiries on how to get your own Glass Slipper or purchase the remaining one left.Also, be sure to be on the look out for next weeks's giveaway! Hint: it has to do with green!

Lucky, lucky, lucky,
.mac :)