Creativity is a wonderful thing. It is, without a doubt, something I could not live without. Working with my hands, watching 1 dimmesnional objects scribbled on paper transistion into 3 dimensional custom pieces would for sure be the "marshmallows" in my Lucky Charms.

{Plug for the Leprechaun, there. It's his month, you know.}

Meet the Roadster.

She is my 2nd design in a line of 7 on my drawing table or in queue to be photographed.

She and her sister were "born" about the same time. That would be about 6 months ago.

Yes, they were swaddled and patiently hung out in their bassinets with feedings every now and then of a scribble here, a dimension configured there, a swatch of fabric selected for the prototype...until....

They both SPIT out their passies and said, "ENOUGH!" with wails and down right fit throwing.

It was time. Christmas orders were complete, January orders were underway, and they wanted some mama love.

And this mama gladly provided.