Begin Again

Ahhhh. It feels so good. Refreshing actually.
To begin again, that is.

A change of scenery.
A new perspective.
A brand new chapter.

I feel like God is doing just that in my life. It is amazing to actually feel His work being done on my heart, my body, my spirit.

I like it, Big Guy. Keep it up.

It's like transformation has gotten herself all dolled up and selected her sassiest earrings of trust for the final touches.

[Stepping out of this metaphor briefly, it would be a toss up between my lipstick red vintage button brass earrings or my Premier Design "pimp daddy" (named by Kenny) cubic zirconia earrings.]

Cause you know me and details...

Meet a few of my new friends here at k.Mac. Yes, these girls were hand selected to be a part of our spring collection. They are being highly welcomed into the k.Mac club, might I add. With names like "Sunshine in My Pocket", "My Tap Shoes are Cuter Than Yours", "Welcome Home", and "Chartreuse Moose" who wouldn't want these girls over for a party?

Speaking of parties, our first k.Mac party for the spring season was last night. It was the first showcasing of the new fabric collections and bag designs for spring. The Glass Slipper was a hit! A perfect fit for many, no doubt! She along with a few more new k.Mac bag designs rocked it out.

More new bag designs other than the Mademoiselle and Glass Slipper from k.Mac?

Yes, yes!

All in due time will the reveal be, my blog friends! As for you locals, enjoy being in "the know" for a little while longer! Proximity does have its privileges.

I speak so highly of change because I see my reliance on Him [the Big Guy] bringing me just where I need to be. It seems the more I rely on Him and trust His guidance, the smoother my life and the details have become. The bumps aren't as bumpy, the tangles are more easily undone, and the joys are more readily before me.

Trusting the Transformation.

Living for His will in my life.
Accepting my place in my walk towards meeting Him one day face to face.
This tune is ever-so-wonderful.

Ever so motivating.

Talk about lighting a fire under me! This ditty does just that.

So the signs of transformation and opportunity are there for us all.

Surrounding us in the little things and their meanings:

This sweet, sweet flower was given to me in lieu of a corsage for Eli Garrett's baby shower by some of my dearest friends. These girls are constants. No matter how much time has passed between our last visits.
It's hard to believe this flower is sharing with me its 4th bloom today. Eli calls it his "being born" flower. Nice choice, I think. That kid's got a way with words.

Then there are these just waiting to blast us with their splendor. Casey face was the 2nd born. Alas, the 2nd born and another boy. No baby showers for that kiddo. We had it all. Been there and done that only a mere 20 months prior.

So when spring rolled around for little Case, I took Eli to pick out a spring bulb for his little brother as a reminder of his place in our family. And to plant beside his "being born" flower.

Eli, very decisive, selected a red tulip.

I can hardly wait to see the fiery pop of color that is so symbolic to our 2nd son!

Yes, change is all around.
A time to begin again.
To take what is old and refurbish.
To not forget our past but grow from it in His glory.

These orange Tigerlilys are shooting up all around the boys' "being born" flowers. They are like that old timey white Pickett fence wrapped around the front yard where kids are busy at play.

Sturdy. Hardy. Nothing can stop them from blooming.

I had only a handful of these bulbs to plant.
I love how they have multiplied vastly in number and have chosen their own beautiful barricade of a blooming pattern. Like they have a mind of their own.

Wrapped around my boys' flowers. Like a fence of protection.

These were my mom's Tigerlily's. My mom-mommie gave a small bundle to me when Kenny and I first moved into our house almost 7 years ago.

These bulbs were taken from my mom's flowers that bloomed around the sidewalk and driveway to my family's home.

Man, God is good.

To begin again.
It's there for us all. If we just will open our eyes to see.

And one day the bulbs of my own boys' "being born" flowers will make their way to flower gardens at their own family's home.

Begin Again.

I think I'll send a small bundle of Tigerlilys too.

May I allow His Hands to forever guide mine.