Indebted I am to your gracious gifts.
Gleefully glad to breathe it all in.

Sunny yellow; bright as bells.
gathered and bundled
On the mantle, the stories your blooms tell.

Geo Trax
stacked and piled
no destination known

Add a noggin full of plans and dreams,
And off your twisting form is shown

How I need you?
Desperate, I am.
Wearing pants with rippled ridges
Fashion Fauxpaux Before Easter Committed
I pair textures not akin.
With ridges, I choose you, linen.
Loose, lax, and lovin' on my skin.

Locks dirty,
Not clean.
A crumpled concoction...
of a LONG ago washing.

You astound me.
You're everywhere I see.

The curvy swerves of flowers,
As each year I wait for thee.
Of what's old that now becomes new.

A Great Gram and her Grand Munchkins
Life's continuance.
God's promise.
A bloodline fresh and new.

~Our Mollye~
my niece
beautifully innocent
brilliantly blue
A birth and a blessing,
Our family's texture accrues.

Friends who become family.
Celebrating their little one's turn of a year.
Raising boys together with smiles and sometimes frowns,
Cups of sugar borrowed; backyard camp outs,
Texture...just a few doors down.

Fabric sorting.
Sifting through the scraps and collections of old,
Patterns, palettes, and preparations,
Making room for the new k.Mac story to be told.

A cake.
It's liquid chocolate smooth.
Whipped crystally goodness,
We dive into the richness and yummy goo.

A warm-up?
Perhaps prematurely baked?

Nah, it's just more texture,
To our family's dinner plate.

Years build.
Stack one and one on top.

This year.
I am blissfully grateful...
that my texture doesn't stop.

.mac :)

p.s. What texture(s) in your life are you appreciating the most right now?

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