On Sunday, it will be 33 years ago that this picture was taken.
me and my mom
on my birthday

33 years later, here I am.

Blessed with a wonderful husband,

2 beautifully healthy and wonderfully unique little boys,

And the chance to create.

Years build.
Stack one and one on top.
I am blissfully grateful...
that my texture doesn't stop.


$33.00 (a great # might I add) off your k.Mac purchase: Cee Cee! She sent me a comment via email and posted some k.Mac love on Facebook to get her in x 3!

Next week's giveaway is our last one in March!
It's a doozy! Be on the look out for details.
I'm off to celebrate 33 years with a weekend full of my boys.

Happy spring!
.mac :)