Cause Life Ain't About Blending In...


There are times for this.

Like when you need to fill more than the capacity will allow on an elevator.
Stirring the lumps of cheese into the macaroni.
A good synthesizer beat into the hip-hops of a rap song.
While waiting for the bride to throw the bouquet.
When arriving late to a meeting at work.
Hiding the vegetables secretly in the casserole.
Trying to touch up paint on walls.

These are all times when the word blending is critical.

But this is a word I would not use to describe our life here on earth.


I have never tended to blend.

I was the little girl in 6th grade who vowed to wear her hair a new way every single day for the entire year. And pretty much succeeded in doing so. I went to great lengths with my creativity, but I got the job done, ladies.

While on the topic of 6th grade, I was also the girl who when given the choice of wearing her headgear for an entire year just at night or wearing it for 6 months day and night...

Well, let's just say I chose NOT to blend in.

It's a wonder I even had any friends or boys that liked me that pitiful sixth grade year.

BUT, I was determined. Determined and unbelievably perceptive at an early age. Realizing that accessories [such as hair bobbles and bows] really do matter and "Hurry up with this steal caged contraption...there ain't no such thing as natural beauty as my buck teeth tell me so."

Not one, but BOTH of my parents suffered from "THE BUCK."

Double whammie.

So, this life thing. It's something I love.

I absolutely get jacked up in finding the differences in my boys. Be it, their looks, their interests, or their personalities. I love to see how all the apples fell out of the barrel to create them exactly the way they are to be.

And Eli and Casey are so very different in every way. Eli is my carbon copy and Casey is lovingly referred to around these parts as "mini Kenny."

Personality is just the coolest thing. I have always marveled at the way God gives each of us exactly what we need to thrive in our own skin.

In our own skin.
Thriving. I like that.

There are no 2 people the same.

The unbelievably gorgeous spring signature colors you shared with me are prime examples of our individuality and ability to express through what we choose.

We are, without a doubt, life's forever fingerprint.

So what kind of marks are you making on your glass window?

Cause life ain't about blending in.


Life is about thriving in your own skin with the absolutely wonderful gifts that God has chosen just for you. It's about COMPLIMENTING your gifts and talents with the things you do and with what surrounds you.

BLEND COMPLIMENT with YOUR surroundings.

Complimenting yourself takes confidence.
Confidence in who you are and what you love.

Like choosing to wear fun socks with Capri pants in the dead of winter while those around you are staring from every angle.

I truly felt cute in my outfit. Exit stage left style on-lookers.

Be it your personality, your style, your faith, or your interests...

Don't blend them. Live them.

k.Mac is about just this: COMPLIMENTING who you are; not giving you opportunities to blend in with the Dooney & Bourke's, Vera Bradley's, and Louis Vuitton's of the world.

Don't get me wrong, these handbags are premier. They are quality. I own a couple myself.

But they are stock. Pre-determined. Made by the millions.

It wasn't until 3 years ago, when I began carrying my own handbag designs that I began to receive compliments on what I chose to carry.

People will stop and ask me where I got my bag. I even had one lady holler (and I can say that cause its regional talk here in Tennessee) across the parking lot at me as I walking to the car, "I love that bag! Where did you get it?"

To quote a loyal customer:

"I get so many compliments on my k.Mac bag! People stop me all the time wanting to know where I got it. I tell them and smile!"


And these "compliments" suit me just fine.

Life is a one shot deal.
One chance to leave our fingerprints.

With every purse party I do, my goal is that ladies will leave feeling inspired to "smudge up their windows" a bit whether they purchase a custom design or not.

It's my passion: encouraging others to celebrate the uniqueness God has given them.

And with this blog, I have the opportunity to virtually and cyber-spacely spread this message too.

So, I'm takin' it. And, I am throwing in cuh-razy fun giveaways to boot!
Cause I think life should be about leaving your mark and having a dang good time doing it!

So Chartreuse Moose (cause you know I meant "moose" not "mouse" in the giveaway post, right?) Mouse vs. Moose is what happens when you post at 1:00 in the morning after a night of sewing!


And boy, am I in LOVE with this fabric collection. It's grounded with the rich brown, but has the snazzy POW of the chartreuse green. Pair these with a crisp white, and got yourselves a power combo ladies!

So as what to choose to giveaway? Decisions decisions.

Cause you know I can't give just ONE prize. It's just not my nature. I mean we are in a k.Mac cyber space PEP RALLY/SLUMBER PARTY here.

Well, this week we are mixing things up a bit.

Somebody is going home with this:

And somebody is winning 50% off a small Tic Tac Tote with monogram

And somebodys are winning 20% off of any k.Mac design!

And EVERYONE is getting the opportunity to meet and the chance to take home this:

Meet k.Mac's Roadster in Chartreuse MOOSE!

She is the sweet thang (TN resident perks) that has been sittin' up there in my blog title all perty like. I chose the Roadster for her name as in my mind and while sketching her on paper, she took on the persona of the type of bag one would grab and stuff full of the essentials only to toss onto the passenger seat of a convertible for a whirlwind trip. Relaxed. Flirty. Festive.

This design is receiving a warm welcome from k.Mac customers. The Roadster has been on the market locally for "officially" about 2 weeks and I have already received 3 custom design orders for this girl.

Let's talk shop shall we?

She is a loosy goosy bag. She gives the vibe of "laid back, but ain't I cute doing it?" She's the accordion of couture designs...stretching out for the room you may need or scrunching up like a flirty wink for the minimalist you may be. This is our medium Roadster.

She is also deceptively designed for those in need of security and organization:

Center console divider with magnetic snap for all your "special and important items"

And, zipper closure to make sure none of your goodies should escape when you turn the corner too fast and your purse dumps into the floorboard of your car [convertible that is]...not that that EVER happens to me though.

Her cuteness comes from the side grommeted gathers. And what better for a pop of texture, I chose a slightly irredescent spring taffeta to make it's home here.

Bows cause who doesn't want to be cute? If they are bit over the top for your taste, you can always turn them into fold over sashes or you can opt for thin fabric straps to weave through and tie like so:

Two-tone wide straps to off set the color play and design of this bag.

And lastly, a detachable handmade flower for that feminine touch. This accessory comes with the design.

With the flower:

Without the flower:

And who says monograms have to be the focal point?

I don't. I think personalization is divine, and great anytime whether it be large or small. The busyness of the Roadster design lends the monogram to be more of a tiny touch of "you." Kinda like the "L" on this girl's shirt. You see my monogram here for visual display purposes, but of course, I will replace my monogram with the happy owner's monogram. I work wonders with a black Sharpie. Just kidding! Yours will be just like mine, but only your initials!

So, viola! The k.Mac Roadster!

And she is up for grabs! I was going to allow first dibs on her to go to the winner of the Pretty Ditty, but then thought: "NAAAAAAHHHH!" Let's keep the party popping! So, first one to contact me at to say, "I want it! I want it!" gets it whether that be the winner of the wallet, the tote, the 20% offs, one reading that didn't win this time, or someone who stumbled upon this blog for the first time.

Kinda like the wedding dress episode on the show from my good ole college era....


Winners are:
20% offANY k.Mac custom order lucky ladies:

Amy and Shannon
This discount expires March 31, 2009.

Winner of a k.Mac Pretty Ditty in Chartreuse Moose: A Line Walker

And lastly, the 50% off winner of a small Tic Tac Tote with monogram: Nonny

Offer expires March 31, 2009!

Congratulations lucky k.Mac ladies!!! A sweet and heartfelt thank you goes out to all of you who participated with great comments and links of k.Mac love!

And I wonder where this sweet Roadster in Chartreuse Moose is going to end up?

We'll see!

On your mark, get set, go! [insert whistle blowing here!]

Doesn't this set just say, "Welcome, Spring!?"

"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on a stand and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."

Matthew 5: 14-16 (New International Version)

Thrive in your own skin. Let your light shine.

Be it your personality, your style, your faith, or your interests...

Don't blend them. Live them.

.mac :)

Next week's giveaway is in honor of my Volunteer state and my signature color: CORAL!

Stay tuned!