Anyone remember this post?

Yeah, it involved the Bic Mini and these guys you see below:

The Bic Mini is in overdrive to say the least. I am sitting pretty in the surge with bag designs and new concepts waking me from my slumber on a regular basis.

And as she so eloquently puts it, "It's a good thing."

Allow me to introduce the first of several of k.Mac's new designs for spring:

The Mademoiselle

This design's name says it all. Her sleek yet roomy figure is tailored, fresh, and comfortable too.

This handmade flower adorns the outside flap closure of this handbag. I chose to use a vintage 1930's belt clip from Madrid, Spain as the flower's centerpiece. I really enjoy the way the stones compliment the gray hues of k.Mac's fabric collection, Concisely Clear. The flower is detachable. Clientele also have their choice to fore go the flower and replace it with their monogram.

Hardware entices this bag's professionalism even more:

The strap is a quilted 2 inch strap reinforced.

The contour of this bag set it apart from any of k.Mac's other designs.

Lastly, who can resist the divider console of the Mademoiselle?

This console is in addition to the already 4 over sized interior pockets. The divider centerpiece closes with a magnetic snap.

This Mademoiselle is our large design. It is also offered in our small and medium scales as well.


this Mademoiselle is up for grabs! She is all set to pop for anyone interested in purchasing this custom design.

Just shoot me an email at for inquiries on purchasing this one-of-a-kinder.

Being as busy as I am with custom orders, I rarely get the opportunity to create bags to sell. In the few times that I have been able to create handbags ready-for-purchase, I have been so happy with the response from my clientele.

Designing my own pieces is something I hope to be able to do more of in 2009. I plan to showcase and shout out these creations here and then have them ready for more permanent viewing and purchasing on the website.

I have had so much fun watching this design grow from the Bic Mini and Steno to the Big Screen of designs! I have several purse parties in the spring and I hope to see this big girl doherthang.

So, what do you think of her? I would love to know. After reading the initial post did you have any idea it would turn out like this?

Thanks for allowing me the space in your day to share with you my dreams...coming true!

It really is a good thing.

.mac :-)