I heart.

Valentine's Day: too gooey, too rich?
Perhaps a day just for suckers,
Alas, prime time for Hallmark stores to ring up sales and get rich?

Or is it the chance to change out your goggles, you know?
Like see the ones around for the simple love that they show.

"I yuv you, mom" from sweet Casey face.
"Your the best, mom." from time to time Eli will say.
"Can I get you anything, honey?" from my my mister too.
Putting others before yourself is the motto of this 2.14 day.

Blessed beyond belief my heart sings out with swirls.
Thankful to the Giver,
Relishing my time here on Earth yes, without little girls.

The corners of my heart are satiated with joy.
This day I will celebrate in gladness.
For all 3 of my boys.

Big stumbles, hard knocks, even slumps and cuddle droughts,
Will never lessen the vows I made on that day,
Kenny: he'll always hold my heart and even sometimes my hand,
"I do." ...
The music we dance to each time we drop the needle...


May your heart be happy.
May your heart be full.
Squeeze those close around you,
Not just today, but each day make this your Golden Rule.