Pillows Under My Head

My boys,
My breaths,
My belongings,
Milk and honey flows.
Your countenance,
Your courage on Earth,
How could we ever really have known?

My trials,
My tribulations.
A test of my will it is to be.
Remain full of pride?
Lie there and be broken?
Will people see glimpses of YOU in me?

The warm sun as it shines,
The eyelashes of my sons,

Radiate your beauty upon me oh, Lord.
Blessed am I to feel these gifts,

Their winks and warmth are truth YOU are the one.

My faults a plenty,
My weaknesses too,
My heart forever grateful: that ultimate sacrifice.
The last breathe of you gave us all the breathe of life anew.

Doubters will shake their heads,
Generalities will become rumors spread.

None of this will shade my light...

Your hope and promise,
The pillows under my head.

Strength, joy, reliance, relief.

Thank you, God.