Prilly, Prilly Princess

I'm not high maintenance.

Just ask Kenny.

I have never really been a girl that needs to have her pamper gotten every 5 seconds.

I don't whine.

There is not much that I require other than coffee in the morning and my hair appointment every 7 weeks. Even though this is even evidence that the latter of these two isn't always a necessity.

* I sleep in raggedy jammies and it doesn't bother me.
* I can sleep lotsa hours or a little and I am good.
* I can stay up late and get up early.
* I am not a picky eater.
* I am not the least bit selective when it comes to activities our family does. From mud digging to the movies is all fine by me.
* I don't require name brand clothing.
* It is not mandatory that Kenny rub my back or draw my bath or even pour my glass of wine.

Generic is okay.
Goodwill is even better.
I think I am even pretty good at making a little go a long way.

I preface this post with the above only to say that the buck of low maintenance stops right here.

I have found a high dollar haven and I am hooked.

I have tried to turn my cheek on this paradise, but I can't. I go there by myself for no reasons other than to look around, absorb the friendly service and himandhaw over which of the 4 cookies selections I would like as their complimentary treat to customers.

I know I just said I go there by myself.

Really? I know what you are thinking.

It's not that I do it often, but boy, do I relish in my time when I do fly solo into this blissful establishment.

What in the world is this place you ask?

My place of relaxation and refuge

That's right folks. A grocery store.

I told ya I wasn't high don't take much for this girl to get her skirt all Marilyn Monroe like, huh?

I am a Monday Wal-mart shopper. Every week the boys and I make our trek to the mecca of cost cutting.

And I don't wanna anymore.

I want Publix.

And I want it bad.

Publix is my pedicure simply put.


Baked Goods
- Their breads are made fresh daily with a plethora of "Panera" type selections. And might I mention, equisitely designed cakes.

- Their pharmacy offers certain prescription drugs free of charge. Casey was prescribed Amoxocillin just last week and his doctor informed me that if I went o Publix the prescription would be filled free of charge: and sure enough, it was!

- Yeah, it's worth another reminder: 4 cookie selections to choose for their "shopping guests"

Hands On
- a huge kiosk with the banner above it that reads: "Bring your family back to the table" where recipes are being cooked right before your eyes so that you may answer questions, see the assembly and cooking, and of course, pick up all the needed ingredients right there.

Friendly Smiles
- The customer service is impeccable. I have yet to enter the store and exit without at least 3-4 employees asking me if I needed any help our how I was doing today. One time, an employee trucked all the way across the store to get an item for me just so that I wouldn't have to with the boys.
- They want to take your groceries out and load them for you with no tip. I mean seriously.

- And finally, their slogan: "Where Shopping is a Pleasure."

Their prices are a tad high, but I am finding there are things that are significantly cheaper than Wal-mart.


They offer weekly specials that could also help my high maintenance argument. I think if I work on cutting coupons then perhaps I can make this meal gathering transition from the High Cut Brief Hanes Her Way of shopping to the Victoria Secret ruffled panty experience.

I sure hope so.

Kenny thinks I am delusional. He has never stepped foot into a Publix though.

Once he experiences this boutiqueness of grocery getting, perhaps he will change his tune.

Like I said earlier, I'm not high maintenance. But can't a girl have the glitter glam wheels on her grocery cart from time to time?

I think so.
I mean, I only want the best for my family. Yeah, that's it.

Where Shopping is a Pleasure...

.mac :-)