With This Ring...

I love weddings. I love the inspiration and hope that this celebration brings. Two lives making a commitment to one another for better or worse for richer or poorer. Something about that brings hope to my heart.

Now, I am not a newbie. My band has lost its shimmer. It has dings and nicks. Yet I can't say that I am a seasoned bride either. This June, Kenny and I will have been married for 7 years.

Marriage takes work. The rewards as well as the rumbles are deep. I think no one person can truly anticipate what the entirety a marriage encompasses. This, I think, is never learned completely but is the end result of the journey til death do us part.

But there is something magical about all the preparations that go into making your wedding yours. I love that no 2 weddings are the same. I love that the bride and groom have certain somethings that are clearly important enough to them to incorporate into their special day. Be it a special flower, a handmade dress, a candle lit in memory of or honor for, or a poem or a verse read.

People, no doubt, judge. Can you believe she did that? They will never make it. and What were they thinking? I am sure are said at nearly every wedding. But so what? It's not their place nor is it their wedding. Little or big, easy or extravagant...weddings have a magicalness to them that brings me hope.

It's the gift. The gift of ones whole self to the other. The gifts of what is to come and what lies ahead. The gifts of support, love, traditions, promises kept, and the forgiveness given.

So, with gifts in mind, I decided to give a little k.Mac love to our latest tribute to the wonderment of weddings.

With wedding season just ahead and me-myself being a June bride, I remembered the winter months being the time that I nailed down the finite details of the wedding corners in my mind.

Allow me to introduce k.Mac's "With This Ring" Wedding Package. We do custom bridesmaids and wedding party favor gifts.

Depending on your interest, the following custom design services are available for wedding party gifts complete with monogram and your choice of colors:

- bridesmaid clutches
- bridesmaid totes
- bridesmaid wallets with checkbook cover

The process is fun as you get to design your wedding party gifts from the ground up! Lots of brides like to hand select fabrics that match their wedding colors. Inside each gift is an additional 15% off gift to your bridesmaid for a matching accessory or purse or perhaps an opportunity to create something completely different and new.

And that's not all...

k.Mac gifts the bride too! The girl in white also receives 15% off her next purchase as the Mrs. with her NEW monogram!!!

Many bridesmaids have gone in together to have this new monogrammed bag ready for the bride on her wedding day:

This gift is so special to give and nothing makes a bride happier than heading off on her honeymoon already with a purse complete with her new monogram!

Here is a "With this Ring" Package done for a bride in Maryland complete with a Pretty Petite for the flower girl:

And what to give those guests?
Well, that was easy for k.Mac to decide! Kenny and I received so many compliments on the wedding party favors from our wedding, that we decided this was the perfect way to say thank you for celebrating with the happy couple. Check out pictures from a mere almost 7 years ago...

That's right! Hand poured candles in your choice of colors and scents are the perfect way to say thanks to all of your wedding party guests! With k.Mac's Sunshine for the Soul Home Goods line, the bride and groom have the opportunity to hand select 2 candle colors as well as 2 candle scents and select either our 5 ounce or 12ounce candle to give as gifts to their guests.

And here's the best part...the bride and groom have the opportunity to hand select a charity of their choice to give a portion of this party favor purchase to in honor of their wedding guests. So it's win-win! The guests give to the bride and groom with their presence and presents,the bride and groom give to the guests a hand poured candle, and finally the guests and newly married couple both give back to a greater cause. Perfect!

Here is just a sampling of our 12 oz. candles to give you a looksee. There is soon to be a huge post about k.Mac's Sunshine for the Soul Home Goods line. A hint: it involves giving back!

So as wedding season approaches, join k.Mac and seek the magic in marriage. Look past the doubters and downers who might attend. Find the hope and enjoy all the bride and groom have worked so hard to make a reality. The joys of saying "I do" are personal, intimate, and custom to what matters most to the couple's hearts.

Should you know of any brides searching for just the right something to make their day with others the most unique and from the heart, by all means "With This Ring!" them!