I'm liking January

January used to be one of the months I dreaded the most. The dreary. The dismal. The dead. The pasty white skin. The layers and layers of clothing making you feel 10pounds heavier than what you are. The lack of money.

Until now.

This January has already brought me some dang good times.

New Year's Eve was a blast with the party we had. Kenny and I actually won the money pot!

I have gotten back into running which I have missed dearly. We have already been on a train walk, had some daily dancing, and have been into "practicing" reading as Eli calls it.

And the boys and I have taken every advantage of the snippets of hours between rains to get outside and explore.

This I love the most. I love being outside. I actually have been so inspired by the monochromatic look the sky has. It has somewhat of a muted crispness to it that I seem to cling to.

Here is just a glimpse of what one January day looks like at our home:

On the hunt for the largest squirrel nest...Casey won.

Who needs pansies? They're overrated I say. Chuck'em. The flower pots make for great digging adventures.

Hide and seek with the ball. Eli won. Pretty clever, huh?

Who needs to plant tulips in your flower box? That's overrated too. Just leave it empty for more mud play.

Painting outside. Mixing colors, changing brushes. The wind. The trees whistling. The boys playing. Ahh, sweet paradise. Right up until one boy pummels the other with A) a toy shovel B) a fist or C) a truck.

Suicide snack....dump whatever is left in the bags and call it an eating adventure...just don't forget the grape juice.

Jack and Jill checking out the boys playing...

Soccer: Cobble vs. Cobble. Dag-blasted, we live on a hill. So, it's more like kick and chase.

Pretend fires that Casey puts out in the nearby trees.

Walking barefoot on the mossy patches around our big trees AND didn't you know? January and February are toenail polish detox months.

Our January Welcoming Committee: the snow tree. Perhaps I should change it the rain tree.

Eli's skillz. We counted. He got five shots in a row as his best! Natural form...I didn't play college basketball for nothing, you know.

Casey's moves. This is his favorite song. Heck, it's our family's favorite song right now. It's real. It's happy. It's just dang good. Doesn't Casey fit that description too? Love that he gets digital technology and at the end wants to see his performance. Too much.

Yep, I'm liking January. I like the the chance to begin again. I like the decluttering and the re-grouping of your home. But most of all, I like the opportunity to see the clarity that can come from the dismal grey.

Hope you are off to a great 2009!

.mac :-)