The $1.00 Dress Challenge

Meg-$1.00 close up--800 When I was little, I loved to play Barbies.  Between "taping" endangered animal rescue shows in my backyard with my little brother, making up my own left-handed baton dance routines for the next Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and rubbing the fire out of my Fashion Plates,  Barbie girl never left my side.  I played with her and all her groupies and quite regular, too. Of course, you know this meant I was totally jonesin' for the Mattel Barbie Dream House.   And, boy did my Mom and Dad deliver.  They made a 5 story Barbie house for me in lieu of the Mattel store bought version. It had 3 dimensional bay windows, real siding that matched our very own house and real hardwood floors. Mom even put carpet and wallpaper in the bedrooms.  She cut out tiny pictures from magazines, framed them with trimmed popsicle sticks and hung them throughout my Barbie's house.  Hands down, that Barbie dollhouse was the best Christmas gift I ever received.  The collaborative time and creative efforts my parents gave me in their handmade taught me so much about quality and about giving.  And, wouldn't you know it?  It was that very Christmas I was given Day To Night Barbie.

Meg- $1.00 dress-800

You need to hear me when I say Day To Night Barbie was a life changer for me in the world of fashion at 8 years old.  This Barbie came with one outfit completely ready for her daytime job at the office, and then BAM at 5:00 PM when her office hours were through, magic happened.  The blazer got ditched, her skirt got reversed, the hair in a bun came down and she traded in her briefcase for a tiny clutch purse.  Barbie was ready to light up Ken dawg's life.  I UHH-dored this Barbie.  Kudos to you, 1980's Mattel Designers.  You cats completely infused resourcefulness and creativity into this little girl's world.  Now, y'all all know I am a complete ambassador for Goodwill, right?  If they ever needed a public advocate or, you know, like a blonde haired Target Christmas commercial girl for their company, I would gladly go the distance for you, GW.

The above is a snapshot of a dress I purchased from Goodwill.  That's right.  I paid ONE DOLLA for this petite cap sleeved charcoal gray Cadillac.  I found her at my local GW establishment back in the summer.  I decided to add a scalloped black patent leather belt to her on this particular occasion.  About a week after I wore this outfit, I got to thinking about how this gray dress was kinda like a canvas.  It was plain and sleek with no frills.  Then,  Day To Night Barbie came mind.  And, I thought about how wicked awesome it was that she could have 2 outfits in one.  Well, creative gears started turning in that noggin of mine.  And, for all TWO of you who read this blog, you need to know a few things about me before we go any further:

  1. I am spontaneous.
  2. I love a challenge.
  3. I am thrify.
  4. I like to give people hope.
  5. I don't wash my hair often. 

Okay, so #5 doesn't really pertain to this creative project, but I just needed to get that out there.  Here's what happened and with lightning, and I do mean lightning, quickness:  I called Casey Face down from playing upstairs with Eli.  I asked him if he would mind taking pictures.  He was all like, "Yeah, I'm game."  With NO MAKE UP and 2 DAY dirty hair, I put myself on a timer for 30 minutes.  My goal in this 1/2 hour was to create 4 NEW and DIFFERENT outfits using the charcoal gray Cadillac dress and have Casey photograph these new outfits, too.  My vision was to have variety in style looks as well as consider the current fashion trends.

And, WE DID IT!  

I asked Casey to help as he and I are very similar in personality.  He loves fashion just like me.  He was such a hoot racing around my bedroom with me giving me ideas of what would work together.  He did this all while throwing a football up and down in the air to himself.

Here is the original gray canvas:

Meg- $1.00 dress-800-words

Without further ado, I give you the $1.00 dress 4 different ways:

leopard shoes-words

pink tights hat-words

striped tights-words

yellow jacket-words

This 30 minute outfit challenge was so much fun!  I loved that I looked past being "totally ready" with hair and make-up.  I loved that it was timed.  And, I love that Casey helped me.  The rush of making 4 new outfits from a $1.00 dress was just what I needed to clear the monotony of a mid-afternoon. I want to remember the freedom and freshness I felt just after this 30 minute challenge.  It was therapeutic and endorphin flowing for me.  I am working towards remembering to gift myself little change-ups or brain breaks like this in my schedule from time-to-time.  Two jobs under one roof is hectic. So very worth it, but hairy & heavy can creep on you if you don't keep an eye out for the happy of you.

I hope this encouraged some of you to see past the plain not just in fashion, but in life.  I hope this was a silly reminder that we all can make fresh something that has always been.  Change evokes clarity if we'll just step outside the boundaries we so oftentimes set for ourselves.

And, I would love to hear from YOU!  

1 dress 5 ways feature

Which $1.00 dress was the best to you? 

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Thanks for allowing me to be Day To Night Barbie.  I gotta go put my feet up now.  Living a life walking around all the time on tippy toes is exhausting.

.mac :)

p.s.  Every article of clothing in these outfits is from Goodwill.

p.p.s. With the following exceptions:

  • coral leggings: Wal-Mart
  • gray scarf: Big Lots.  
  • gray booties: gift from sister-in-law
  • patent leather pumps:  5 years ago from Target