She's 30.

This ole girl turned 30 years old yesterday.
Tan lines still rockin' too

She was bought as a special gift to me by her.
On a special day in my family's history.

And remember this little surprise I had in store for that niece of mine?
Well, the look on her face pretty much sums up how she felt about it...
Not amused or interested in the least.

I had had all my Barbies and babies from when I was a little girl out for her to play with...
Barbie's massive wardrobe
Cheer Bear made by mom.
Barbie horses galore.

Even these ladies came out to play with Mollye...

She was completely against it all.
All she wanted to do was this...

Over and over and over and over again.

Oh well.
Heartbroken, this aunt will try and try again.
We WILL like to play with Barbies, Mollye.
We will.

Cause she's still rockin' at 30.
And so is Mollye's Daddy...

Only his tan lines are just a little different.

.mac :)