I wore these shoes on New Year's Eve.  They were a BOGO indulge I gave to myself back in October.     Remember, these shoes?  Well, they were my "BO" and the above were my "GO".  I love how substantial yet dainty they are with their ballet pink palette and tiny textured swiss dots.  With them on, I am about 6'1".  These pumps are comfy and sassy.  And, from my New Year's Eve test drive, they seem to be great dancers too.  I felt beautiful wearing these. 

The above were my Christmas gift from Kenny.  These are my 3rd pair of this exact running shoe.  I heart them big time.  I run about 15 miles a week in these babies.  To be honest, it takes everything in me not to wear them all the time because they are that comfortable.  These kicks are like my house shoes.  My slippers.  My sappy shoes as Kenny's Mamaw would say.  And, you know what?  I feel just as beautiful wearing these as I did wearing the above dainties.  There is strength inside a lady.  Strength to suck it up, carry on, make it happen and smile through on those days that suck. Women have a wonderful sense of making things seamless in a world full of stitches.  There is strength inside us so magnificent that it can't help but radiate the beauty of you.

{in peep toe pumps or kick ass running shoes}

God gave you beauty.  
It's your job to go out and let the world see Him shine.

.mac :)