Six years have snuck past us all. That's 2,190 days to be exact.  Looking back, I recall words penned for you just four years ago ago on this day.  Three years ago, too, with your tiny newborn image.  You.  A work of art walking. Your presence is of a proper noun sense.  Specificity and tenacity mixed with an outright joy meld your stature.  Captivating is your smile, moreover your touch.  Your blue eyes twinkle when they meet others.  Gleaming with a steady, confident connection as if your interaction with them is mandatory for your pulse of life.  

You love your b. and your big brother.  Staple necessities are they to your everyday.  You have an infectious knack for story telling and expression.  Your mind maneuvers melodiously in & out of play scripts throughout your day.  Your heartstrings are easily moved when injustice or loneliness enters your arena be it through stories in books or on the screen.  You sense others and how they feel.  An association never to be underestimated; you have a strength in compassion.  

Your Mama's lap is your softest spot.  It always has been.  Your Daddy meets you in that magical place where overwhelming love and outstanding battles of will collide.  He is absolutely smitten over you as you are him. Smitten enough to hook horns and snuggle just the same.  I would imagine his trump card will be played often throughout your life so to make more of the man you will become.  Mama's too as you lack not in determination.  Training up greatness is a job neither of us take lightly.
{January 21, 2007-the day before you were born}

For lightly is not the way to live. Casey McGill, you will be a man of courage and of conviction.  You will live your life out loud and on center stage.  Your humility will be there in the honest twinkle in your eyes and the commitment to reach out to others.  Your tenacious spirit will infect so many that cross your path.  God has a plan to spread His love and glory through your smile and your actions.  Sweet son, hold to Him and be His vessel.  You are learning more and more of His place in your life.  The wheels of conviction are turning in your soul.  Beaming with an anticipation and hope, your Dad and I watch on as we see the excitement in you light up each night before our family devotion time.  

Today we celebrate you.  We celebrate the gift of life that we take not for granted.  We are thankful for the passion and joy you give to the lives around you.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  Your place in this world has a brilliant purpose. Rock this new year of life out, Casey Face!

Love you, 
Mama :)

{week 50:  my 2 in 52