The Beauty of Handmade

There is hope in handmade.  It's that tiny piece of America that stands proudly on the art of craftsmanship and transcends the beauty of individuality with the work of fine minded hands.  As a small business owner and designer, it is my genuine intent that I support, indulge and furthermore, encourage my clients and friends to tap into these amazingly creative souls that make up the beauty of small.

I have written about her before here 4 years ago.  When looking for something special and unique for some people very dear to me, I found Juliet.  Simply put, I cannot say enough sweet things about this designer.  Although, we have never met, I can tell you that she is nothing short of wonderful.  Her talented hands give life to beautiful pieces that I have not only given as gifts but wear myself. I contacted her with an  idea I wanted to do for a necklace for my sister-in-law, Kim, and best friend, Arlene.  I wanted this gift to have meaning.  Juliet listened and heard my requests for these special designs.  She was so considerate and careful to be sure not to leave any part of my requests out in her work.  Above is the necklace she crafted for me 4 years ago from our client/artist design collaboration.  

Here I am wearing it 4 years ago when the this necklace was brand spankin new:

And, here I am still wearing it this summer, 4 years later:

I cherish this necklace as a part of my jewelry collection.  I wear it at least 2-3 times a week.  I cannot tell you the number of compliments I receive when I have it on.  It looks beautiful worn alone.  I've also been mixing metals with shorter and longer chains with it as of late, and I am very happy with the look it helps complete as well.

Like I said earlier, I have given Juliet's work away to Kim when Mollye was born. The poem I wrote with the necklace gift was just exactly what I wanted to give my niece's mom.  I so appreciated Juliet's hands in allowing this personal gift to come to life.

And, Juliet has been my go-to girl when it was time to add-on to Kim's necklace.  Once Mallory was born, I contacted Juliet to make the larger disc with Mallory's name on it to complete Kim's necklace.  Below is a picture of Kim wearing it this summer.  Here is Juliet's listing for this design.  Kim's words when she received Mallory's disc to complete her necklace: 

"I knew it!  I told Adam I knew that you would have this for me.  I am so excited to have it and cannot wait to wear it even more now!"

I did the same thing for my sweet friend, Arlene once her daughter, McKenzie, was born. I loved purchasing from Juliet knowing that I had the perfect future gift in mind when my loved ones' families continued to grow. McKenzie's disc was placed in behind her older's brother's disc to complete Arlene's necklace. 

I have also designed a set of 3 rectangular charms for my long time friend, Heather.  Juliet crafted these  with Heather's sons' names on each. I gave them to Heather as a baby gift when her 3rd son, Cooper, was born.  

Alison, one of my dear friends, loved my necklace and gifting ideas along with the meaning behind it so much that she contacted Juliet for her design expertise.  Alison has enjoyed her custom 3 disc necklace for almost 3 years now.  Here she is with it on this summer:

And the gifting from the work of Juliet's hands hasn't stopped there. Our sweet, long time friend, Taylor Raye,  was also a recipient of one of Juliet's designs.  Once again, Juliet collaborated with me to create a one-of-kind necklace just for her. Kenny had a bible verse on his heart he had chosen for Taylor Raye.  He wanted it to be something she carried with her throughout her life.  Juliet paired this verse with Taylor Raye's monogram on this 2 tone metal design.  We gave this necklace to her for her graduation from high school.

Juliet's creativity is limitless.  She is conscientious in choosing pathways for all clients and their gifting needs not to mention budget.  Here are some of her unpersonalized designs for sweet gifting ideas:
Daisymay owner, Juliet, is a homeschooling mother of three who makes her home in California.  Her words regarding her business:
"Making jewelry is the perfect creative outlet for me. Creating custom pieces is my favorite part!" 

How do I  custom order from Daisymay's shop?

1.   Go here and begin shopping.  She is taking custom orders from now until the end of November for Christmas gifting.  

 2.   She is offering a discount to all readers of this post.  Please use the coupon code 10DISCOUNT to receive 10% off your final purchases from her shop.  How nice is that?!

 3.   Juliet is also offering a giveaway!
A winner for this killer cute necklace will be drawn tomorrow afternoon.

How to enter to win this necklace?  Simply leave a comment on my blog or k.Mac Facebook page.  That's it! 

In this season of gifting and giving, I happily invite the art of handmade to nestle sweetly under your tree.  For in this package, hope and heart will surely be given.  And, because of this, the beauty of small makes America that much stronger.

.mac :)