When it comes to creating, some things are unscheduled and yet very foreseen to me.  I don't know how to really explain it. There's just this ignorant bliss of being present as art unfolds.  And, this creation of something unforeseen by others into being is yet another testament to God's brilliance in each of us.

God's brilliance.  Yes.  Overstatement, Meghan?  Nope.  Brilliance.  Are you really going to write a post about God with fabric?  Yes, I am.  God is how I best explain my gifts and talents.  I am a self taught seamstress in my 6th year of business.  I design/draw on paper taking MY one dimensional swiftly into a 3 dimensional world.  I do not use patterns.  I do not use exact measurements per say even.  By and large, my creative efforts happen because of Him.  Him and a lot of practice, you see.

My mother-in-law has asked me several times:

"Meghan, how do you see these fabrics together?  How are you so confident in your selections and designs?  They always turn out beautifully.  I just don't know how you 'just know' what will look nicely together."

I know.  

I get a feeling.  It's a strange one to put into words, but it's worth doing so.  Upon each piece I create, I begin with offering up my best to the design.  I spend some time thinking about the client and the intent of their custom services requested by me.  And, then I dive in.  I don't second guess myself.  It's almost as if I'm on autopilot.  My hands are His filter and my labor, His love.  I lose myself in the conviction of the piece filling my hands.  My mantra throughout the creative process is simply "give your best".

I have a long time client that requested I personalize a blank duck cloth apron for her.  She just asked that I "make it hers".  Apron embellishing is not on my regular design schedule nor will you find it on my website of services for that matter.  This sweet client has a husband, son and daughter.  She loves nature and color and individuality.

Creating this custom work for her is the perfect example of His brilliance.  I had no plan.  I had no color scheme penciled down.  I just created.  

It is important for me to make big over a simple apron embellishment.  The presence of my writing in this space serves so many purposes.  I want my letters-turned-words to be a place where my boys can eventually go to be reminded of their childhood. This place is where I keep memories. I also hope this space is helpful for people to learn more about me not only as a designer, but as a human should they choose k.Mac for couture services.  I use this space for just me too.    To be better. To be honest. To grow.  And, most importantly, I use the space to remind and to be reminded of God's light and goodness.  His hope and his brilliance in each of us. There are far too many of us out there second guessing God's strength and glory by belittling who we are as His creations.  

God's brilliance.  Yes.  Overstatement, Meghan?  Nope.  Brilliance.

 Are you really going to write a post about God with fabric? 

I just did.

We all have brilliance within.  He put it there.

Find your {foreseen} and let the world see,

.mac :)