{lost & found}

There are places he goes, and I'm not with him.  He gleans creativity, power and knowledge there.  Between two pages over & over again.  His look is transfixed and serene; he is lost.  Unbeknownst to him is the world of life spinning.

I catch him leaving me without permission.  A golden boy with places to go.  Through the kitchen glass door on the back porch, in his favorite travel reading pose no doubt.  Remember here?  I snap from the inside evidence of his trips chartered taken whenever he can.
Before school and just after bed making when Mr. Sunshine smiles sweetly though his bedroom window, he is daily found lost.  Lost with a Jack cat and without me.  Staying gone for sometimes up to an hour or more, he considers not his responsibility to our school day.

Or, does he?  These trips unplanned and unauthorized and unchaperoned are taken with a travel partner a little more often in the early evenings.   Like stowaways on some secret boxcar, these two travel the rails  of two pages over and over again. I hear far off echos of "Bub, I'm gonna read this page and you read the next one, okay?" His hand is always  atop his little brother's locks too.

Without me.  
Unattended and unsupervised. 
 I watch him leave.  
Daily, he is found lost.  

"found lost"

{lost & found}


Keep traveling, Eli.

Mama :)

{week 22: these 2 in 52}