Soothing colors are for the birds.  Don’t be throwing me a palette of pale if  you expect me to feel intrigued, up, or in the mood.  It.just.won’t.happen.  My September month was best spent.  It was a month full of busy and the beginnings of good on so many levels.  So much that I'm having to play catch up on my monthly grade outs.  I know you have all been traumatized by my tardiness.  I beg your forgiveness.

For those new to my rhythmical breakdown, it's time you catch up:


Ensemble Statistics:

  • black & white stripes with super cute tuxedos sleeved buttons
  • $1.00 Goodwill
  • I started this whole monthly growth campaign with this shirt’s debut here.
  • It’s a great longer length with a perfect stretch-to-slouch ratio.
  • I initially bought it to wear alone with skinny jeans, but it has evolved into the the go-to base layer undershirt.
  • I even wear it under my knock around graphic tees that girls in their mid-twenties sport makes me feel all kinds of alternative awesomeness.
  • This jacket spoke to me while on the rack.  It said, “Just what would you do with a short sleeved baby doll-esque jacket like me?”
  • I smiled and simply said, “I’ll take you home.  That’s just what’ll I do.”
  • $2.25 Goodwill 1/2 off weekend.
  • It’s a tomato orangey-red color. 
  • It has great o-ring like dangly pulls on an overrun outlet of zippers.
  • I really like it.  
  • I’ve worn it with chocolate, mustard, cream, pink and blue thus far.  All on separate occasions mind you.  Although from the looks of my ensemble in these pictures, I can see where you might think otherwise.
  • Instant love affair/semi-addiction I have going on this with this jacket.
  • It has petite mini pleats just below the collar bones.  
  • I need a moment.  There.  I'm back.
  • The Fabric Corsage by k.Mac.  
  • Each time I wear one of my corsage designs, I receive a compliment.  
  • They’re unique.  
  • They’re personalized.
  • They’re fun.
  • They look great on any shirt for a splash of different, jacket lapel for a layered POP of color or in your hair atop a low messy bun or in a half way up arrangement.
  • Gettum green, huh?
  • Yep.
  • $2.25 Goodwill 1/2 off weekend
  • I get that they’re not the skinny jean look as they are, in fact, rockin' the flair leg vibe, but at $2.25 I’ll color block like a mad dog with some boat crop jeans.  
  • Stop the press.
  • These girls are my babies.
  • $2.00 Goodwill 1/2 off weekend.
  • I cannot tell you how much I love them.
  • Um, yeah I can.  Watch here to see how they came to be mine. Yeah, you might as well watch every video if you need inspiration to find your own cheap thrills.  Me and my girls won't disappoint.   
  • Wanna go Goodwill shopping with me now, don’t ya?
  • And, they say Disney World is where dreams come true. 
  • $5.00
  • Dillard's Department Store pre-Thanksgiving sale 2009
  • HUGE rock like rhinestones with a magnetic clasp.
  • Get compliments on these all the time.
  • The rhinestones have a gray vibe to them which promotes an old world vintage look.
  • I wear these happies a lot. 
  • Sparkly things speak to me.  
  • So do short sleeved baby doll-esque jackets of the orangey-red like.  
  • Nope, not on any medication yet.
  • The other round of bracelets on my left hand are those stretchy beaded Earth tone stone type bracelets.  
  • I got them in a pack of 3 from the Dollar Tree about 3 years ago.  
  • I liked the grounded element of Earth tones in them so I slapped them on so to offset the schizophrenia camp in session with the rest of my ensemble.
  • FREE
  • They belonged to my great grandmother.
  • clip-ons
  • They’re an Earthy jewel tone conglomeration set in a tawny yellow brass gold.
  • I thought they further supported my non-schizophrenia rally, so I went with them on the lobes.
  • Durty-durty, you know how I do.  What? No Air Force Ones for you?
  • I have it in some sort of rat's nest bun in the back.  
  • I calmed my bangs down with the big ole curling iron barrel.  Typically, I have a tendency of obsessive overuse of this tool in the bang department.  
  • SCORE:     Meghan:  1     Curling Iron Overuse:  0 
  • Nope, not on any medication yet.
Overall outfit investment:  $13.50

September 2012:

My personal word for growth for September was establish.

My mission:
  1. Be visionary; not a dictator.
  2. Be steady in motion.
  3. Find a new routine.
  4. Sit for a bit
  5. Second guess perfection
  6. Give to God
  7. Projects are fun
  8. Be real with the boys.
My status:

*  *  *  
3 out of 5 stars

My memories:
  1.   Be visionary; not a dictator.  The world will not end if what I had on our homeschool agenda for the day was not ALL accomplished.  Likewise, for my design schedule for k.Mac.  Rome was not built in a day.  Plans are made for progress forward.  Rearranging is called life.  You are not a loser, Meg.  You are human.  Re-group and get your happy cap on to keep plugging.  Ahem.  Got it.  Gonna need to keep reminding myself of this one. 
  2. Be steady in motion.  Movement works.  And, it works best if done consistently rather than in ginormous spurts.  No, you can't clean out the kitchen cabinets, design a new handbag, teach Eli emergent division and help Casey with writing at one time.  STOP.  You can move fluidly with one task and EASE into the other.  Shew, this one takes work and lots of reminders for me.
  3. Find a new routine.  Get up early.  Make the most of the time before your family needs you most.  Work efficiently when you are at your best.  I rocked this one out.  Voila!  A new routine has been established.
  4. Sit for a bit. I don't enjoy being still.  But guess what?  I do.  Oh, I am learning that relaxing is so kind to my soul.  I attribute this lesson to Kenny.  He gets the shiny gold star for teaching me this.  
  5. Second guess perfection.  It's unattainable.  Your best is undeniable.  Make time to foster your best.  Screw this mystical mirage called perfection.  I AM GETTING THERE!
  6. Give to God.  We are tithing regularly now.  I am taking more time for Him in my day.  I am praising Him for all good things that cross my path.  I am finding my focus so much easier when plugged in to His plan for my life, moreover, my Christian walk.  Love seeing the good coming from this.
  7. Projects are fun.  Enjoy them with the boys.  Teach them cool things.  Watch them make and grow.  See how it makes them feel.  Paint, cook, take hikes.  Be more with them than just the teacher that facilitates learning at a desk. I am so proud of what we have done this month in this department.  I hope to show these great projects here in this space.
  8. Be real with the boys.  I wanted to teach them more about the realness of schedules, money and time.  I wanted to help them see what all goes into a day from start to finish for a family.  They worked with me on dinner making and meal planning.  I had them keep track of things we needed when they ran out of them around the house.  I made it a point to show them how long it takes to get things done in order to get some where in a timely manner. I had them look at money in our home and how it was used for necessities.  They counted out the money for the water bill.  They added up the electric bill and paid attention when the grocery total rang up on the register. I can't tell you how great these lessons were to provide their little minds with a glimpse of the bigger picture. Believe it or not, these lessons ended up helping me to be more efficient along the way too.
Soothing colors. Nah.  Bring it bold.

I'll color block your socks off.  New beginnings in my camp have officially been established.  Established in my best most imperfect way.

September.  Checkity-check-check.

.mac :)