Memories Strung

Making me a necklace.  
"Mama, I know you're gonna love this one.  It's zebra print and furry too! I'm gonna put it next to the hearts cause I just know you're gonna love it."
"Mom, I wanted the gold cross on there for you.  I told Casey where to put it.  It's my favorite piece of the necklace we made you."
Making me a necklace.
I wore it all day long, don't you know.
The sorting and sifting through mama's button jars.
-20 fingers I co-created with him-
Making a necklace for me.

Then, the date with my 3 men.
To a play.
Seats 4 in in a row and reserved.
But, we only used 3.
The Face found his view best in mama's lap.
A sideways glance through a filtered theatre glow finds Eli with his head resting on Kenny's shoulder.
There is a peaceful kind of happy gazing out of my husband's eyes as he's immersed within the stage.
I feel that same kind of happy just looking over at him.
Casey's ear lob right next to my stage view; his soft hands sit intently in mine.
Unknowingly, he rubs my pinky with his.
It's that kind of happy I feel.
Full of inquiries, Kenny and I field questions left and right.
"Shh, Case, you can't talk in a loud voice!"
The night is magical and close.
The 4 of us in 3 seats.
The walk to the car all holding hands.
Rain pouring down.
And, still, we walked.
Hand-in-hand as if not wanting the magic to end.

My wouldn'ttradethemforamilliondollars happy memories strung together from that day.
To my sons and my husband, I thank you.
For making me a necklace.

.mac :)