The New Neighbors

Two mornings ago, I took these pictures from my upstairs sewing studio window.  We have new neighbors.  Six of them to be exact.  They are a boisterous camp too let me tell you.  Chock full of personality.  They prance about, eat a ton and seem to play cat-n-mouse with one another as if playing chase.    Perhaps my favorite is when they lie down and roll back & forth and back & forth scratching their shiny backs on the ground.  Sometimes, you'll even see them sun bath and nap along side one another.

I've always been huge horse lover.  I owe it all to my sweet Aunt Sharon.  {read about her cool points here}  I love their strength and am ever so amazed by their natural and massive beauty.  Grandeur is a word that comes to mind even.  And, I like to think that this view here just outside my sewing studio's window is God spoiling me just a bit.  For at night, when our home is fast asleep, and I am up until the wee hours with my sewing machine humming away, it's as if they talk to me.  The horses.  Their neighs and lips rumbles with wet air swooshing out are but curious flirts directed right at my open studio window.  Too dark to see, I find companionship with the stomping of hooves and the swishing of manes that I hear; I adore how keen and enveloped the senses move one with the other.  My rhythm settles into their presence; my everydays lean more on the comings and goings of that boisterous camp.  God is so unbelievably cool.  Giving me new neighbors and nighttime friends:  very cool indeed.

.mac :)