Um, yeah.

The above pictured are scattered scenes in & about our home.

You can only imagine the double takes when my eyes cast glance-like views on empty stages of play like the one you see here.

Boba Fett's helmet
Blaster Gun
Mini-Sleeping Beauty Doll

And, for all those quite certain the ruffles and bows are in full effect, may I interest you in what really is going down?

Mollye is becoming, oh, how shall I say it?

She be thuggin'.

Go on and press the play button on Bone Thugs n Harmony Thuggish Ruggish Bone right about now.

You can pretend Mollye is Shatasha Williams gettin' hers in the chorus.

{For those new readers not familiar with Mollye, meet her here.}

Big Daddy Easy-E is pimpin' a vintage Vol boggin clockin' dollars.

Word'em up, Cali.  Casey-trisac ain't got nothin' but love for you, G.

Yeah, we be eatin' our snack outside on nothin' but cee-to-the-crete.


Cause we're hard like that.  

Yes, life with a little girl and bookend brothers brings brand new meaning to what one would call creative play.

Go on, Shatasha.

Do you thang, girl.

.mac :)