The Story

Silver sun rays trimmed in gold cascaded down from above.  And it was if they knew something I didn't.    Like an outsider peeking in, my time became theirs.  My structure and academic prowess died right then and there.  And, I became the student.  I watched the glorious light of heaven put into words a story that so needed to be told.

I knew, without a doubt, she was present.

A teacher I am and always will be.  Yet, my absence from the formal classroom is teaching me more than I could ever know about learning.  I am convicted of the rhythmic melody that time, space, curiosity and creative play yields.  Leaving my lead to the little ones is the magnificent component I am learning to do more and more.

It is trinkets of days like these.  These days, these poignant days, that profoundly affect my stance on arguments such as  quality vs. quantity, formal vs. informal not to mention, monitored vs. motivated.

From morning's rise, my mind was abounding with its heavy cross-offs and get-dones.  My normal routine of 2 was now 3 for just a little while as she was here for an impromptu visit while Kim focused on Mallory and her rapidly changing birth story.

Up and attem and all teeth brushed, we began our time inside with computers and story time were mesmerized and enticed by the magnificent day peeking into our window panes.

Brilliantly and  unbelievably before I knew it, we were all inhabiting the front porch taking in the warmth and welcoming the morning.  Befuddled and well aware of our offtrackedness, I found myself a seat in the nearby rocking chair.  I sat and rocked.  I kept telling myself that time was slipping by and designated allotment for school was no where near punctual.

But those silver rays soaked into my soul, and it was all I could do to snag my camera fast and return to this very rocking spot.

Casey, the witty man of our house, was all smiles and silly as he lay barelegged bouncing his feet back and forth with joy.

Eli, our eldest, immediately began de-robing from pants to shorts right there on the spot as if the light rays were asking for more of him.

And, Mollye's hair, like golden corn silks, danced with delight for time with the sun in this simple setting.

The warmth brought a surreal peace over me.  I, too, found my socks off and my feet bare.  My senses heightened and seemed to trump my anxiousness of tardy teaching.

And, then it happened.
Learning commenced.

The parentally dreaded in-and-out of the house began.

In for blocks.
Out for set up.
In for books.
Out for reading.
In for toys.
Out for role play.

Without any prompting, school had begun.
Their way.
In their time.
In their place.

Mollye sorted and stacked and counted at 3 years old.

Casey climbed in mama's lap to read his new book.
Just one of the many books he can read all by himself at a freshly turned 5.
One part was so hilariously funny, he just had to share with his cousin.

Then, quick to get back to mama's lap to read on. I listened to my youngest read words from his mouth in growing confidence as I stroked and squeezed his bare feet.  I will never forget the squishy of his soles in my hands and the smell of his soft locks as my head rested on his.

And Mr. Eli?
This boy amazes me.
So very intrigued by his chapter book, I found him reading just like so.

I cannot tell you how inspiring this sight is to see as not only the teacher, but more importantly, the mama to this 1st grader.

I was captured in their story.  A character within their script I simply was grateful to memorize my lines and document my part.

Leaders of tomorrow and learners everyday, I was reminded of the magnificence in mindful motivation.  I was taken aback by the beauty of the day simple and still.

Of the smiles and laughter, the sharing and energy spent out for good.

The stories told and the character development put to life with all things pretend.

And, as our day followed up on the inside, I continued to play my role of student.  

Fairies were found in kitchen cabinets.
Princesses were rescued from plastic teethed dragons.
The force was used for good.
And robbers were put behind bars for once and for all.

On this day, this poignant day, my heart was overrun with a resounding joy in all these 3 had taught me, the student. For this was the day I listened intently to their story.

And I knew, without a doubtshe was present.

Silver sun rays trimmed in gold cascaded down from above, 

.mac :)