This word conjures up so much goodness in me.

Just looking at it on the screen is peaceful.  I love that aesthetically the "h" and "y" provide a cat-n-mouse peek-a-boo with your eyes.  And that "m", well that symmetrical mistress, is eye candy for the centered soul.

Then I say it. 


To get the "r" out you gotta go deep and from the back of your throat in stealth mode past the silent yet curvy personality of "h" and "y". It's almost like a drumroll of energy all the way to the front of your teeth until the "th" coupled tightly together, brings forth that unity power sound.  And, ever so subtle, your lips purse together pleasantly for the happy, yummy sound of "m".

Yes, I like this word.

Upon the get-go of 2012, I wanted to grab hold of a word in which to focus.
A word in which I could use as checkpoint, a measuring stick, a pace car if you will.

Because I love words.  Remember all the fun I had with them this month?

I love wine too.  And donuts and nail polish and dancing. But, those interests aren't gonna be the influential kickers for me this year, you know? 
Hmmm, now that I think of it....
So words it is.

I wanted to choose one word that moved me in a direction of growth.  I wanted a word that would be my mantra in all my life's platforms.

my faith
my marriage
my motherhood
my friendships
my family
my occupation

At first brainstorm I came up with an entourage of one hit wonders:


But, they weren't all inclusive enough to me.  I needed a word that spoke about what I am and what I want more to be holistically.

Then, rhythm came to my heart.

rhythm |ˈriðəm|
a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound

And, it was a perfect fit.

So I asked him to be mine.
For an entire year.

I totally went Sadie Hawkins on this six letter mister.

Fortunately, he gave me his proverbial class ring, I found a corn pad for the appropriate fitting purposes, and now we are rock steady.

Rhythm and me have shacked up for almost one week now.

And, I am not gonna lie.
I like to fight him.
I seek discord all to often than he prefers.

By Wednesday, rhythm and I made up and I gave into his requests.

Evidence where we found one another are in the pictures above.

I sound all kinds of loose, but I promise he and I will marry in the remaining 51 weeks.
I hope to document our courting rituals here once a week.

This is the one time where I'm okay with giving the milk for free.
Rhythm happens to be in the cow buying business.

At least I hope he is,

.mac :)