69 & $1.00

I live in a new place.
This place is rural.
Like horses, cows, creeks and barns.
A LOT of barns.
On our way to my mother-in-law & father-in-law's house from ours, the boys and I decided to count the number of barns.
sixty-nine, I tell you.
And the drive is about 25 minutes.

I have never been a HUGE department store shopper.
But I love fashion and trend.
Mostly, I like wearing things that make me feel happy.
And,  I love good deals.
I can only direct one here to learn more about my thrifting passion.  The videos alone will speak volumes of the thrills I find in deal seeking.

And, these sweeties make me feel so very happy.

Do you realize how joyful my rainbow of legs feel in leggings, tights and skinny jeans just knowing that their pot of gold lies with my feet in these babies? 

How much did this price tag of happiness cost?

That's right.
These are Sam Edelman.
Retail on these bad boys is $169.99.

And they came from my one of my new Goodwill stomping grounds.

Rural area Goodwills are tricky.
You see, they have no high end stores {Banana Republic, Gap, Limited, L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer,  Ann Taylor} to draw from.  Whereas, urban area Goodwill stores are chock full of those brands on a consistent basis.

And, the avid Goodwill hunter is adeptly aware of this.

Words cannot adequately express the grieving I have done losing my urban area Goodwill.  BUT, I take hope in the tiny treasures I am finding in my little rural pockets of thrifting magic here.

69 barns and a pair of  $1.00 Sam Edelman's, I am happy.  Happy & hungry for the next Goodwill kill.

Licking my chops, 

.mac :)