My World

Your world works inside of mine.
Or, is it mine inside of yours?

While mine keeps records, crosses off to-dos and timelines tasks, yours creates.

Story lines.
Developing characters.
Strategies for survival.

More & more I find that I'm the lucky one to inhabit your planet.

A few treads down a wooden hallway leaves me quite certain of my place.
It is here an older, well versed in pretend, reigns.

  • His plots perfectly planned; his battle moves, flawless. ย 
  • Attention to detail is mandatory.ย 
  • Interchanging chapters devoured by curious eyes with armageddon in the final demise of the dark force, you rule.
How rude of me to interrupt your schedules so massively laden with destruction and the reinstatement of disciplines good only to put laundry away.

My world's at peace just knowing it's safe and secure inside of yours. ย 

Keep creating, boys.
Mama :)