Picked up these bad daddys at my neighboring town's Goodwill a few weeks ago.  Brought them home and did the whole 5 hour soak in color detergent with bleach & hot water.  Then washed them 3 times.

Paid $1.00 for these girlies.
Wanna know how much they retail for?  Click here all you curious cats.  

I call this find funktastic.

I've worn them several times already.  And, I just gotta tell you.  There is spunk in my stride when these mamas team up with my size 8 socks.

Magic happens.

I wanna call these my superhero shoes, but the boys won't let me.  They say they aren't magic enough to be superhero shoes.  


Have they ever had them on their feet?  

I think not.

So, these are MY superhero shoes.  The second they are laced it's like I'm whisked back in time to my days of my Wonder Woman Underoos.  Go on, holla if you had some.

There's something about bubble gum pink & the word ALL*STAR that all ladies need in their lives.

{Yes, that dirt on the heel there if from me.  I love'em I tell you.}

And, perhaps even men need a little funktastic in their lives too, no?

Guess whose wife packed him an overnight bag without him knowing and surprised him by sending him off with his best friend for whirlwind trip to pay respects to this football legend and to go see the The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?

Coach Kenny Cobble's wife did.

Because we all need a little funktastic in our lives.

It inspires us.
It refreshes us.
It helps us stretch out and grow.

Now would you look at what $1.00 and a dose of spontaneity will get you?

Find your funktastic,
.mac :)