From this place.

New wrestles with my soul.

I think it's the idea of beginning again and the concept of improvement that tickle me in that "quit it, but please don't stop" all-in-one breath mindset.

Beginnings are so good.

Like when you first start dating all flirty, lip glossy and clean shaven.
And when the boxes are unloaded and the sorting of yours with a new set of keys commences.
Or, that new car smell.  Who can't get enough of that?

And, just the way start sends my spirits into a hyperdrive of happiness it equivocally shuts down my all systems go in a stammering stage fright of "what ifs" and "maybe I can'ts".

Then who can deny the overachiever in us all?

That inner bone of yearning located somewhere in the chest cavity that compels you to make it happen complete with a gold star sticker atop the right hand corner of your paper next to your name and date.

Right before you know it, you are all knotted & twisted in a yarn ball of gumptions of growth and growlings of grief stricken inconsistency.

And you find yourself searching for the dad-blamed scissors with a maddening quickness so to unleash the trapped fury of YOU.

But beginnings are good.

They are a platform for life.

To grow.
To change.
To fail.
To redefine.
To manage.
To hope.

As I look forward to the new year's fifty-two sets of seven in which we currently are rocking day 3,  I boldly confess that I do, in fact, have a laundry list of hopefuls for my personal dance with twenty twelve.

Now, making sure to be stocked with just the right fabric softeners, detergents and stain removers is key.

Because life is the fabric softener AND the stain remover.

And perhaps being mindful of this is what will make this new 12 month cycle all the more fruitful.

Yes, new wrestles with my soul.

But below is proof that wrestling ain't all bad from this place.

Cheers to twenty twelve!

.mac :)

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