Communication is a place where I need to grow.

For those of you who read this and know me, we can all agree that I am by no means quiet.

Ahem, extrovertly adept, I'd like to call it.

But, I have just had this hankering notion for almost all of 2011 that I don't reach out enough.

With Facebook, phone calls, obsessive Twittering and texting at my grasp, I still tend to miss the boat on making time for the ones I love outside of this home of mine.

So, I have decided for 52 weeks I am sending a set of snail mail cards to my peeps.

This week there are 4 headed out into zip code land.

The recipients?

1.  a kindred spirit of mine
2.  a platinum blonde who just might enjoy a treat
3.  a lady with great legs
4.  someone who radiates happiness and peace every time you see her

And, I had a big fat smile on MY face when I slid these in MY mailbox to be sent off.

Giving and getting,

.mac :)