{dramatic interlude}

1.  I am in love with this image.
2.  I am uncertain of my next address, but I know that one of my home's walls will replicate this look.
3.  Falling plates.
4.  I have always been drawn to plates on a wall.
5.  Four of my walls in my current home are adorned with plates.
6.  #3 could quite possibly be a metaphor for my life on so many levels at times.
7.  I love that none of the plates coordinate or match, but better yet, have their own distinct personality.
8.  I find strength in their offset placement narrow-broad-narrow.
9.  I feel God taking my very own narrow and broadening it at this very point in my life.
10.  I hope I can instill #7 into my boys when it comes to living life.
11.  I am thankful for His {dramatic interlude}.

.mac :)