Under Da Sea

 "I'm free!"
                              Mollye Addison Casey

And, when your 3 and in love with Ariel, Aunt Meg gladly obliges.

Wouldn't you if your niece pointed to her feet, and proclaimed, "Aunt Meg, look at my fins!"?

I fell in love with the glitter ribbon.
And that became my inspiration for ocean water in that cotton top's locks!

 Thus, a handmade seascape applique was a must on my to-do list for this little lady...

 I drew it all by hand with the boys help one night,

 The monogram just so in that yummy tomato red.

 And, I drenched my creative self in tiny accents and details making Ariel as beautiful as I could.  The red ruffle ribbon hand sewn this-way-n-that really gave the vibe of voluptuous flowing locks underwater.

Did I just use the adjective voluptuous for a Disney character?
Um, yeah I did.

And, I opted for a blue-green swirl of threads for her eye color.
Perhaps, this gal is in Ariel's lineage, no?
I do love my eyelash curler; perhaps Ariel does too.

 And check out Sebastian!  Casey was pretty adamant that he have the black wrinkled lines under his eyes.   Nice detail investment by my little guy if you ask me.

 Flounder was made using my mom's vintage yellow variegated knit.  I always try to put a little of Mollye's namesake in any hand crafting I make for her.

Ahhh, my personal favorite...THE TAIL!  I fused a gross green netting to an electric blue shiny material (that quite possibly could've been the same fabric used in my sophomore year prom dress made by mom) to create the scales for Ariel's fin.

Tricky, but so very mermaid.

And, alas, Eli spotted this pre-gathered fabric in Mollye's favorite color one day while supply gathering for k.Mac, so we had to whip up this couture no-brainer!
The answer is yes.
Yes, Mollye must have matching bows with every outfit made by Aunt Meg.
I love that the seashells are actually ones the boys collected while visiting Aunt Tee-Tee and Tone-Tone this May.  

And, after all that...Mollye was Ariel the mermaid for her party too!
You'll have to go check the party duds out here.

She's "free!"
I can remember this day 3 years ago like it was yesterday.

Happy Birthday, Mollye the Mermaid!
You make my heart so very happy!

Aunt Meg :)