This word pop.smacked into my head yesterday evening while running.


For those who have kept up with my inconsistent spontaneous writings can recollect my love for words.

I find it to be the exact, spot-on description of my life since my last tippity-tap.

Wobbled is just me, yes.

Visually, the word is stable in its stature.  The 2  "b's " dead middle with 2 letters sitting pretty on either side.  The "w" with its broad base plopped right next to the robust & ever-popular "o" as they play cat-n-mouse with the slender side of "l" and "e".

Proportionally unbalanced.

And, I love {just love I say} its silly succession out your mouth.

All tongue-contorting and ridiculous.

Kinda leaving a lofty, loopy aftermath, you know?

And it's meaning?

To move unsteadily from side to side repeatedly.
Yep, that's got my name all over it.
Change, I love you and despise you all in one.single.breath.
- I am that lone set of high heels on the dance floor begging for one last song.- The one waking up on the 3rd day of a 5 day vacation in mourning that there are only 2 more days left.- The girl in constant search for a new haircut or color.- The lady in the kitchen taking the recipe and tweaking it once more even though last time and the time before that compliments were received.- I like to make rules, hold myself wickedly accountable to them only to completely neglect their existence in my life all together at any given moment.

I find myself an oxymoron more times than I can count.
I am the marriage of spontaneity and routine.  
And using this provided space to just let my hair fall down around these shoulders of mine feels right for the now.  
1.  My family will have a new address.2.  My husband is hard at work at his dream come true.3.  I am so proud of him.4.  We have a house to sell.5.  And, there are 9 years of a life here with wonderful friends, feelings and places to bid farewell.6.   But, there will be always be a new front porch for flowers.7.  And, a back porch for sittin' too.8.  I have felt like I am stuck on day 3 of my 5 day vacation since February.9.  Yet anxious to see what new color & cut I will try next.
Spontaneity and routine.Proportionally unbalanced.
.mac :)