Sewing is rhythmic to me.
It's precision and problem solving too.
And, it takes time.

With cutting, pressing, and stitching, I find time to invest.

Purpose is my prioirty in what I do.

 For open opportunities await me.

And, purposefully, I aim to greet each one with a product handmade of high quality and better yet, a mindful focus.

Of course,  I am mindful of the technicalities of my trade, but there is so much more to each custom design than just this.

I look at each project before me as a chance to learn more about myself all while connecting with the client with whom this couture design will belong to.
I invest my best work into someone else's excitement and creativity.

I think about the tiny baby, little tike, or the happy lady that will be receiving this couture item.
And it never fails, I find a little bit more of myself somewhere between the cutting, and the pressing, and the measuring, and the making.

My lesson from this k.Mac's Miss Merry Mac Pack shown in "Cammo and Ammo" fabric collection:

Live life intentionally.  Plan and perform, but dance with delight in what you find when you least expect it.  

For joy wears camoflauge too sometimes.

.mac :)