I am constantly on the hunt you see. Unbeknownst to me even at times, I search. And like the yard sprinkled frenzy of lightning bugs in summer, these words accumulate in my mind.

Sometimes I think they even imprint my soul.

I associate words with emotions. Single words. A power-packed-punch description of me at.that.very.moment. And, somehow these words are my melody. What they provide is so meaningful to my life's cadence and stature.

I cling to them.

Adjectives, nouns, verbs, even prepositions at times.

They define me. My moment. The movements around me.

And so to honor my steno pad journal abundantly capacitated with listed words, I offer up to you the 1st in a series of 30.

inviteverb |inˈvīt| [ trans. ]make a polite, formal, or friendly request to (someone) to go somewhere or to do something
This word is strong and jubilant to me.
It is crisp with the way it finds its way out your mouth, you know?The "v" sound right after the word "in" is welcoming.It even feels good to say.
And everyone loves to be invited. Whether you attend or not. RSVP or not. You love to be invited.
There's something to be said about being included.
This word has been penned so many times by my hand.
I am invited. Invited to find my place in this timeline of breaths God has prepared for me. Invited to give fruition to my dreams. Invited to spread and reach, touch and tell, squeeze and search, give and glorify, be.
I am invited to leave my mark.
And you are too.
When days dirty down into dismal and when life twists itself in inexplicable knots, I jot down this word.
And remind myself that I am invited to be strong and jubilant just as these 2 syllables roll out my mouth.
Crisp in the "v". Open and welcoming with the "in". Simple.
So, I invite you today.
Take this 30 day journey of words.
Each day I plan to share a new word in my life. Through any venue of descriptions, with or without pictures attached, I invite you to do the same.
There are no requirements. No stipulations or contracts to sign. You can choose to take part for the 30 days September sings to us or just whenever your heart desires.
I have a sign on the sidebar you can take and put in your blog's sidebar to spread the "word" so to speak. Should you not have a blog, don't let that stop you. Post your word on Facebook or even just in your own journal. I would love you to stop by and leave me a link to go visit your word for the day post or you can even just comment with nothing more than your word.
My intent is to connect more closely with the simplicity of words in our lives. Their place in each of our tickers is intimate and intentional. A bridge from the cognitive to the conscious.
And it feels good to be included.
.mac :)