Emotions of goodness sidle sweetly alongside grateful heaps of hope.
They are tucked silently away in the caddy corners of her heart.

She is ready.

For fun and sharing.
For learning and laughing.
Impatiently, she marvels at these new subtleties surrounding her.

His voice.
His attentiveness.
His friendship.


second guesses her place in this arena of happiness.


a precious one.
kind and obedient
caring and considerate too
cautiously, a dreamer.

Ever anxious to leap and not look.
But unplanned is just.not.her.style.


an achiever
a Believer
a heart feeler

She notices.
She leaves out nothing.
Details speak to her soul.

And she so longfully aches to plan them before they are even born.

Hurts do make the skin tender to the touch.
As wounds do make the body wince.
And {she}?

Up on the tippies of her toes, there's a tingling tickle telling her...

{ready yourself}

Because the jump is light and airy.
And the fall into happiness feels so nice.

Unplanned and all.
No more wincing.


our babysitter
our friend
the little girl who caught my wedding bouquet

Meet Taylor Raye.

.mac :)

({she} writes too. Check her out here.)