I don't have a tattoo.

But if I ever do sponteously ink, it may just have to be the word "goodwill".

Above is just one of the 4 pairs of shoes purchased today at the infamous Goodwill 1/2 Off Weekend sales.

Mmmm, rasberry is gonna feel so fine on this mama come fall. They're totally squishy too.

Shoes are from here. Best I can guess, these were around $70.00 retail compared to the 300 pennies I shelled out for them today.

Yes, "goodwill".

It is a word that just fits right snug around my heartline.
It's compound, and well, I am a huge fan of the compound word.
There's nothing better than getting 2 of something in one package.
Kinda like how I feel about this sweet face above. I get the honor of having her mama as one of my best friends and the joys of baby cheeks & cuddle loves too from Miss McKenzie Grace. A 2 for 1 deal that you can't beat.


goodwill |ˌgoŏdˈwil| (also good will)noun1 friendly, helpful, or cooperative feelings or attitude : the plan is dependent on goodwill between the two sides | [as adj. ] a goodwill gesture.
is just exactly what I get from my monthly shopping experiences at this fine establishment.
2 friends teamed up with me.Sharing and laughing.Hunting.Together and teasing.
Creating happy moments with these girls...
(new fall boots for $3.25 bought today)

well, it just knocks me off my feet.

.mac :)