An orangey crush,
plip plopped & hopped,

A vibrant and quite joyous way of spending $5.00 if you ask me.

Bursting with flavor, I eat them.
And my nose is so abundantly full.
I loosen my happy to its next belt notch and just smile.

For what?
For nothing.
And those are the bestest of kinds.

Yes, bestest.
For when beauty & budget marry, made up words are a must.

For me.

frugal |ˈfroōgəl|adjectivesparing or economical with regard to money or food.simple and plain and costing little : a frugal meal.

Life's pleasures will always find their way into my buggy.Be careful not to let frugality starve you of the simple joys.
There's always another notch.That's the bestest part.
.mac :)