I feel as though there is a tugging necessity.

A need o' mine, if you will.
To expel out all that is within.
I do this quite often in my journal.
It is quite entertaining to re-visit and re-read.

bullet |ˈboŏlit|noun
Printing a small solid circle printed just before a line of type, such as an item in a list, to emphasize it.
* I aDoRe these colors by Crayola. I feel as if adore is even an understatement. Each day in journal time with the boys, I am like a hungry lion searching for his prey of Tumbleweed and Cadet Blue in our crayon basket. I would just like to say "gu-gah" here.* These colors are so NOT my color palette of choice. I mean, come on, avid readers. Need I remind you I am akin to her.* These hues are breathtakingly calm to me. They are tone setters in my world of shades. I even have the boys on the Tumbleweed/Cadet Blue bandwagon now. * They blend immensely wonderful with colors that pop like rockstar raspberry (Yes, I concocted that name up all by myself. Thank me later, Crayola) as well as colors like Dandelion (which is the formal name for the typical colored grabbed for one Caucasian child's skin tone).* Seriously, Dandelion? Come on, Crayola. I'll send you my addy and no worries, I can totally work from home.* I am teaching the boys the art of side shave coloring. Again, gu-gah. There is nothing better than watching a 5 and 3 year old peel paper off a tube colored wax faster than they can eat a marshmallow. * Back in my days of paid teaching, one of the first covert operations I had was to seek out the absolute best illustrators in my class. You know, the ones who understood the concept of space. These were the kids that knew the difference between coloring and illustrating. What's that? Yes, there is a difference. To me, coloring is what you see that is empty and needs to be filled in. Illustrating, on the other hand, is seeing what is not there, but could be taking into account the senses and secrets to tapping into them. Yes, natural born illustrators inherently know that blending colors is more realistic and that... GASP, one can, in fact, throw in a swirl on top of a straight line stroke for added gusto. Hook, line, and sinker. Immediately, and I do mean, righttheverymoment I had them pegged, I would move them to sit with the lower level scribblers and the one-fourthers. (one-fourthers being the kiddos that used just 1/4th of the page for their illustrations).* Yes, I am okay with peeling the entire paper off of the crayon.* I usually like to make my own color names up for each color anyway. * Broken crayons don't bother me either.* I gifted myself a box of oil pastels about 3 months ago. The most fun I have had with them is watching the boys play with raw color and their investigations on how impressionably soft these color sticks are.* I DO NOT enjoy the permanent stains on clothing these oil pastels produce.* So, most often the boys use these in their boxer briefs. I stayed clothed rest assured.* I dream of using this medium in some Sunshine for the Soul Home Goods one day.* The picture above will be used again in at least 2-3 other posts I project. It has so many metaphorical meanings to me. * Whilst on the topic of colors, my nails are in definite deprivation of color. For like, the last 2 months. Sheesh. Gotta get on that.* I am in search of my perfect Fall signature color in clothing. * Yes, I choose a signature color to accentuate every season. It's a fun little game me and my noggin like to play together.* I am torn between a deep sea foam blue-green or raspberry. My hope is to infuse a mustard hue with either. I also like the idea of navy thrown in with either of my choices.* The older I get, the less I like the color black. Like, I don't want to wear it at all. Weird, huh? * I am so jazzed about the leaves changing color. I love the melon ones trimmed in gold with apple green tips. * I'm ready for a new haircolor. I have been funky with my brown & blonde, but I'm heavily considering a deep auburn brown solid these days. * %&*$, my gray hairs. 34 is the age I will mark on my calendar for the commencement of gray on my scalp. Prickly little stout suckers too.* I have this secret craving to paint a ceiling and 3 other rooms in my home.* Shhh. Kenny doesn't know that yet.
Ahhh, expel.Expend.EXPENT!
(once again, on the DL with that last ramble there as well. Kenny is a high school English teacher.)
.mac :)