I feel as though there is a tugging necessity.

A need o' mine, if you will.
To expel out all that is within.
I do this quite often in my journal.
It is quite entertaining to re-visit and re-read.

bullet |ˈboŏlit|noun
Printing a small solid circle printed just before a line of type, such as an item in a list, toemphasize it.
I aDoRe these colors by Crayola. I feel as if adore is even an understatement. Each day in journal time with the boys, I am like a hungry lion searching for his prey of Tumbleweed and Cadet Blue in our crayon basket. I would just like to say "gu-gah" here. These colors are so NOT my color palette of choice. I mean, come on, avid readers. Need I remind you I am akin to her.These hues are breathtakingly calm to me. They are tone setters in my coloring world. I even have the boys on the Tumbleweed/Cadet Blue bandwagon now. They blend immensely wonderful with colors that pop like rockstar rasberry (Yes, I concocted that name up all by myself. Thank me later, Crayola) as well as colors like Dandelion (which is the formal name for the typical colored grabbed for one caucasion child's skin tone).Seriously, Dandelion? Come on, Crayola. I'll send you my addy and no worries. I can totally work from home.I am teaching the boys the art of side shaving coloring. Again, gu-gah. There is nothing better than watching a 5 and 3 year old peel paper off a tube colored wax faster than they can eat a marshmallow. Back in my days of paid teaching, one of my first covert operations I had was to seek out my abosulute best illustrators. You know the ones who knew to fill up a page and not just draw one figure. Yeah, the ones who inheritately knew that blending colors was okay and that GASP, one could, in fact, through in a swirl on top of a straight line stroke for added gusto