Save the Date

I think married couples need "Save the Date" cards.

You know, the cards that go out about a year before the wedding to remind potential guests of their approaching ceremony in the coming months?

Well, I think married couples need them.

They need them as a reminder to do just that: SAVE THE DATE.

As in, date night.

Marriage is tough.
Kids make it tougher.
Marriage is meant to last.

With this equation tumbling around in our heads as of late, Kenny and I are making a commitment to keep a better balance of work, kids, & schedules along with the US we started out as.

Across the board, Coach Cobble is raising the bar in our home.

And, can I tell you, that is sooooo attractive!

Thus, last night we saved the date.

P.F. Changs and lotsa talking, flirting, and just being silly together.

The very second we got home it was right back to life as usual, but for a brief 2 hours it was just us. We decided not to hold it just to weekend nights as that limits you even more.

Very cool, I tell you.
Very cool.

Marriage is not trying to pretend you are perfect, but rather finding the perfect moments to just be you together.

Thank you to the man that sleeps to my right for reminding me of this.

.mac :)

p.s. I am just now realizing that we were married in the age BEFORE digital. Wow.
Grainy pictures and scanning in...