Texas vs. Alabama

What are the odds that I worked on these 2 baby bundles AT THE SAME TIME and ON THE WEEK OF THE BCS NATIONAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP?

It's true. I did.
Must have been something in the air as my hands were full of crimson and burnt orange just a stitching away.

Both boys.
One bundle was headed to Bossier City, Louisiana and one to good ole Soddy Daisy, TN.
Meet Kale. His parents are die hard Alabama fans. Mama has a strong affinity for polka dots.
I think houndstooth works quite nicely next to her love of the dot, don't you?
Kinda classy, super Bear Bryant, and extra funky fun if you ask me.
I went with a black and white gingham lining for the classic baby feel.
You just can't go wrong with gingham.
Then there's Travis Ray.
In the designing process, I learned that the game room in this little guy's home is completely decked out in complete University of Texas fashion.
And I was also touched to hear of the wonderful story of his grandfather. His name was Ray. He passed away the week his parents found out Travis was to be a boy. Travis' mama wanted to name Travis after her dad and thought it fitting that this tribute be on his diaper bag too.
I loved that she chose to do this.
I love even more this part of my job.
{The behind the scenes meaning for special things. I am honored to soak in each client's details and strive to give my best to put a smile on their faces with the finished product.}
Travis' mom also opted to complete her bundle set with a coordinating changing pad for her little guy.
And yeah, just like Kale, Travis Ray can do a little polka dot too!
Traivs' dad already has his nickname ligned up! T. Ray it is! And for a limited time, with purchase a coordinating changing pad, clients receive free changing pad personalization! Perfect!
Oh, but the houndstooth did, in fact, prevail that January 7th evening.
Poor Colt McCoy.

But little Kale didn't mind. His unborn bleacher seat was being primed and ready for his national championship team with a newborn monogrammed diaper cover! These are the perfect ensemble for newborn pictures.

All snuggled up and sleeping on the belly with a monogrammed rumpus up in the air... SNAP!
A picture that will last a lifetime.

And Kale Preston had to have something to dribble on too.
What's that?

Gray and white pinstripes.
Um, yeah.
They do look great right up against that crimson, don't they?
And a Roll Tide on the hiney...
Thanks {mollyemade}!
You didn't actually think a designer, seamstress, and mama to 2 boys would let {mollyemade} forget the couture boy baby, did you?!
So there it is.
My BCS Championship week.

And the final score?

University of Texas:

I got the diaper bag this morning! I am so pleased with it I knew it would turn out great but this is just awesome! I am already almost ready for my next list of orders! My mother in law just loves it she got tears when I opened it and is already spreading the word on Meghan Cobble...Travis is still in the NICU but he is doing so well..He is eating 45cc's now maintaing a good body temp breathing is 100% still I am getting ready to head to the hospital so I can talk to the doctor but hopefully he will be comeing home by tommorow or wednesday. Keep us in your prayers and again thank you so much the bag is so cute! You truly have a great talent.
Andrea Brown

University of Alabama:

The diaper bag and all the extras to go with was the rave of the baby shower! Not to mention quite possibly the highlight of the pregnancy. Man, this is awesome. We love it.

Jared Hensley

Kenny still can't get over the irony of it all!

.mac :)