So I have this blatant protrusion in the dead center of my forehead. Its residing place is about 1/4 inch above the space between my eyes. Dead center. Its monstrosity resembles the sand pile you see above.

Blatantly out there.

I have known of its presence for about 2 weeks now. The heartbeat it has of its own. The tenderness it has evoked, I am no stranger to. It wasn't until this week that I decided to formally introduce myself to this visitor. Kinda sneaky and sideways like, I crept up on it like Eli does here.

Making brief, short stint attempts at shaking hands, this THING and I have. Kinda checking its true whereabouts, circumference, and diameter just for knowing's sake, I have done that too.

And then applying pressure just to see how serious this uninvited guest was about his intentions and the extent of his stay.

And then finally, just out and out squeezing the mammer jammer in hopes of a choke-out struggle victory for my sake.
Alas, the cyst-like zit still lives and thrives as if he and I have signed some symbiotic contractual living agreement.

Zits are a lot like problems in life that you think you can fix, but, in reality, aren't yours for the fixing. The more you push, the more they fester. Ever thought of that?
  • A special thanks to Eli Garrett for metaphorically playing the part of me in this post. Son, I know you will be mortified to stumble upon this one day long from now. I apologize in advance to you. And I promise to be a rock of support to you when this awfulness arrives on your doorstep.
  • To all locals, I apologize in advance for "my buddy" hanging on in the most prominent of places should you see me. Furthermore, I would also like to apologize for the pitiful job my cake-like concealer is doing to camouflage this aesthetic travesty.

.mac :(