My Mollye Dolly

I like pretty things.

Like hairbows with emerald sparkles and mellow yellow spring polka dots.

And bubble gum gingham ruffles,

Hugged up sweetly with dots of green sherbet for one tiny girl tot!

What's that peaking out that my eyes do see?

But a bright orange carrot waiting for Mollye.

Capris with carrots speckled front and back.

Hi happy sunshine yellow tee!

I love that carrot on your back that I see!

With big ole ears and angel soft fur,

It's Thumper in a basket!

Just in time for Mollye's Easter!

Easter eggs hunts,

A sweet precious couture little dolly,

That's the pleasure of k.Mac...

Making for my Mollye!

.mac :)

clothing compliments of {mollyemade} a division of k.Mac.

  • "Strawberry Lemonade" bow --Hair Happies by {mollyemade}
  • "Carrot the Bunny" tee-fur is textured like real bunny fur/carrot appliqued on back
  • "Go Getters" Capris--carrots appliqued on front and back

All {mollyemade} clothing will be on k.Mac's new website coming soon. For information regarding the placement of a custom design order on any or all that you see above, contact

for more information. Thank so much!